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abuelito01 Aug 17, 2006 6:15 PM

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hi, i am looking the casio exlim S600BE
for buyingand the sony dsc-w50 too, wich one do you recomend me, quality photos, etc,,,,the casio seems to very nice and slim, but is like the sony in quality or theres a lot of diference, recomend me please........

1eyedeer Aug 20, 2006 5:12 PM

I have no experience of the EX-S600 but have used the S500 for about 6 months. I also have the older EX-P600 which has been highly rated for image quality in several reviews. The P600 has an optical viewfinder but is chunky, whilst the S600 is very thin but has no optical viewfinder. The EX-S600 is excellent for P&S and very reliable for focus, exposure, and colour saturation.The video is also very good. From reading user reviews of the Sony W50 and S600, you would probably be very happy with either camera.

If I had to buy just one small camera, it wouldbe the choice between one that goes in my pocket, e.g., S600, or one that goes in a case on my belt and has anoptical viewfinder, e.g., W50, Fuji F30, Ixus 700, etc. Having both types of camera, I use the S500 more often because of convenience. When I take out the chunkier camera, I tend to use the viewfinder rather than the LCD!

Good luck with your decision!

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