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clandestino07 Sep 27, 2006 8:17 PM

Hi everyone,I am quite a fresher in the digital camera worls, but I have used quite a lot my friends' cameras and have discovered that what I really need is one with a zoom of 28-200 (equivalent to 35mm) or something around that with stabilizator of the image (or however that is called [img]/forums/images/emoticons/icon_lol.gif[/img]). I do not really know the models around and I was hoping that someone could help me out. However, I do know the Sony H2 and it is a great camera, just a pity it hasn't got the wide angle with it.Also, the maximum I want to spend is around 250 pounds, which in dollars is about 450.Thank you very much and I hope to get some help as soon as possible.Clandestino

Wibblemore Sep 28, 2006 1:39 PM

Hi Clandestino,

I was in the same boat as yourself a while back:

I ended up going for a Konica Minolta A2 first with image stabilisation, 28 - 200 zoom, a digital viewfinder and manual focusing. Very nice camera, but just too big for me.

So I ended up buying the Ricoh R4 for £240 including leather case and a 1g card from Photosense on the web. Tiny camera - it goes everywhere with me - image stabilisation and 28 - 200 zoom. The only drawback I find with it is the lack of a viewfinder.

So it depends what you want: if you're quite happy lugging a big good quality camera I'd go with something like the A2, if you want a tiny camera with a big zoom then the Ricoh is the only one out there at the moment with 28 - 200 zoom.

Good luck!


clandestino07 Sep 28, 2006 2:41 PM

hi wibblemore,thank you for your reply. i will have a look at both. however, could you tell me what an image stabilisation is? [img]/forums/images/emoticons/icon_lol.gif[/img]also, has the ricoh r4 got automatic focus? i definitely want an automatic because i like to take quick snaps.another question: do you know any other good camera with wide angle but with a larger zoom, around 10x or even 12x? (this question is for anyone else too?thank you very much in any case, you have been very helpful.clandestino

Sintares Sep 28, 2006 7:14 PM

Image stabilisation helps to reduce blur due to camera shake. Either a lens element, or the sensor is moved to counteract the shake given to the camera while the cam is hand held.

Very useful at long zoom hand held, especially if the shutter speed would drop so low that normal handshake would spoil the picture.

Eg normally the shutter speed to stop any blur due to hand shake is given as 1/focal length, so on a 200mm zoom you would need 1/200s

However with typical IS, you get a 2 (possibly 3) stop advantage and could hand hold down to 1/50s or perhaps 1/25s.

Some people with very steady hands have reported success hand holding cams at 1/2s !

Of course with dslrs you could just ramp up the ISO to give yourself a faster shutter speed, but most point and shoots and limited to ISO 200 or a poor ISO400 or a truely terrible ISO800

clandestino07 Sep 29, 2006 3:27 AM

Hi,thank you for the exhaustive reply. However, I got completely mixed up with the words (stupid me) and I didn't mean to say image stabilisation but rather viewfinder...but actually, now I have looked it up so that I don't need that anymore.Thanks anyway and I hope to get some other suggestions on cameras, even though the ricoh r4 or the r5 seem pretty good.

mtclimber Sep 29, 2006 11:28 PM


How about a simple answer to your problems for $180 to $200 US. Take a look at the Sony S-600. It has a 31mm wide angle lens, ISO settings up to 1000, an optical viewfinder, and an inexpensive price. the lowest price I found was at


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