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tomah Sep 22, 2006 7:08 PM

Greetings from a wet and windy Northern Ireland!

I'm still on the search for my camera. I like the idea of possessing a compact with 28mm lens, which (unless someone can tell me otherwise) narrows me down to either a Panasonic FX01 or the Ricoh R5.

I would probably be able to make the decision myself if reliable reviewers such as Steve and DPReview had reviewed the Ricoh R5, but they haven't.

The F30 is still a possiblity but its lack of wide angle lens, IS and shorter zoom do not go in its favour for me. Plus, shooting in the dark (the F30 strong point) will take up a very small percentage of my photography.

Can anyone help me?

discovery Sep 23, 2006 3:31 AM

You can consider Canon sd 800IS as your camera...

MikeAusA200 Sep 23, 2006 10:26 AM

Here are three reviews of the Caplio R5


Mike R

tomah Sep 23, 2006 1:30 PM

Thanks for the links, however i've read them all already and they're just not as detailed as the two sites i mentioned.

I'm really confused and i know many of you have been in this situation before...the big 'WHICHONE'.

The F30 keeps biting back at me too because everyone is ranting on about it, but it just lacks some features that i wish it had, such as the wide angle.

Grrr...this is frustrating.

Thanks for the input folks.

MikeAusA200 Sep 23, 2006 6:10 PM

Maybe you need to do what I'm doing - wait for Fuji to fill the gap between the F30 (no manual controls) and the S6000 (full control) and upgrade the E900 with 3200ISO, 28mm 5x zoom, full manual controls, etc. If they add IS/VR/SR then they will kill the competition.

peripatetic Sep 24, 2006 3:03 AM

I was in exactly the same situation as you and went for the Panasonic FX01.

Absolutely love the camera.

There is no substitute for a 28mm equivalent wide angle. If that's what you want then there is no other alternative. From the samples and reviews I saw the Ricoh image quality was dreadful.

Some people are obsessed with high-ISO, and sure it's nice to have, but it's not that important to me. And the ONLY reason to choose the F30 over the FX01 is high ISO performance, the FX01 is as good or better in all other respects.

f2.8 with Image Stabilization is still a fairly capable low-light option even at ISO 80.

kenbalbari Sep 24, 2006 5:36 AM


wait for Fuji to fill the gap between the F30 (no manual controls) and the S6000 (full control)
Actually the F30 has manual controls. It's the F20 that doesn't.

F30 has aperture and shutter priority modes. There's no true "manual" mode to set both (like Canon, they now call "program" mode "manual"), but if you want a specific setting for both, you can always force it using exposure compensation.

tomah Sep 24, 2006 6:15 AM

Thanks guys, especially peripatetic!

I have made up my mind. I'm going to go for the FX01. Most people seemhappy with it and it is cheaper than the rest (just a shame it didn't have the Ricoh macro and zoom capabilities).

This should maybe be asked somewhere else but i'm gonna ask it anyway. Why is it that everyone is talking about the wide angle of the Canon 800is?? As far as I was aware it was 35mm and the 28mm Canon is the 850is which hasn't been released yet.

Is everyone else confused or is it me?

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