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Chitnisvb Apr 4, 2005 2:59 AM

I am confused between Panasonic FZ-5 and Konica Minolta Z-5, as both are very much identical, except hot shoe and 2" large CCD display in Z-5, My needs are indoor and some sports event photos. Please advice me.

Rotti123 Apr 5, 2005 10:50 AM

One difference I noticed is that the Panasonic FZ5 has less noise so it may be better for indoors if your not planning to get an external flash. However if the Minolta Z5 has a hot shoe, then that camera with a good external flash will take beter photos indoors I think.

Check out this link to see what difference an external flash can make indoors...

scroll down near the bottom.

slipe Apr 5, 2005 2:16 PM

Phil's Z5 review makes some direct comparison shots. The FZ5 is faster at full zoom and seems to have a slightly better lens. My guess is that with the 4 AA NiMH batteries installed the Z5 is heavier. The Z5 has a much better movie mode and the viewfinder gains up better in low light. It also has better controls. The Z5 doesn't have a focus assist light, but seems to focus OK. The Z5 has a hot shoe and manual focus. My slight preference would be the FZ5, but it is close.

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