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Marimar wrote:
Hi and thanks i got on mind the pentax it haves a good bargain.

Jim i have the Konica Minolta g500 I like it, but I wanted something else good pic quallity professional.

The g500 its good for pocket but i like srl to.
Any of the entry level Digital SLR models would make good choices. You'll have a bit of a learning curve with one due to things like depth of field differences (amount of the image in focus as you get further away from your focus point with be shallower with a DSLR for any given aperture).

So, availalbe light shooting is tougher than meets the eye (and you'll want a bright lens for that, as the "kit lenses" will require a flash indoors since they're not bright enough).

You'll be pleased with the Autofocus performance with any of them compared to your G500.

But, with the G500 you can easily set fixed focus to 2M and have good images within most of the flash range indoors if you stay at wider zoom settings. I rarely use Autofocus anymore with my KD-510z (G500) since fixed focus works so well with it.

Because of the tremendous Depth of Field you have with a non-DSLR camera, these techniques can make it easier to use in many conditions. A DSLR requires more precise focusing due to a shallower depth of field.

If you're not familiar with the custom settings on your G500, just send me a PM and I'll be glad to give you some instructions on how to set it up (the manual is pretty confusing on how to customize the available features under it's controller keys).

Read the reviews here for models you consider, and make sure to read the review Conclusion Sections (last page before the samples in each review). That's where you'll find more information about how a model performs (AF speed and reliability, ergonomics, viewfinder, etc.).

Make sure to try out any models you consider in a store to make sure you're comfortable with them, too.

My personal choice in an entry level DSLR was the Konica Maxxum 5D (since it has ISO speeds up to ISO 3200, as well as anti-shake with every lens). But, any of the entry level DSLR models are good choices. Just be prepared to practice a lot to get familiar with the differences moving from P&S model like your G500.

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thanks jimc

right now i have the setting on sd , how can i change it ?

thanks again.
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