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n8littlefield Jun 8, 2007 3:40 PM

We're thinking about updating our digital camera. We were looking for something more pocket sized than the A80 and the SD1000 was the first one we've really started looking at seriously...

So far we like the sounds of thefacial recognition feature, the rechargeable battery, the faster start time, the smaller size and of course the higher megapixel count. The megapixel thing isn't a huge deal since we really print mostly at 4x6, but at least would give us more freedom in cropping or zooming in with software later.

My concern is I hate to put cash into a new camera if it's not going to be a significant update for us. I'm pretty happy with the A80s photo quality- although I understand why the wife wants a smaller camera. Is the SD1000 going to be a noticable update for us aside from the smaller form factor she wants?


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