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I am trying to decide if I want to make the jump from point and shoot to DSLR. The cost of DSLR is the biggest factor for me. I was origionally looking at the Pentax DL, but then I decided that the K100D is worth the extra costs. If I buy the K100D with the lens kit, I am not sure how long that lens will suffice for. I just don't want to get caught up having to spend alot of money. Ireally enjoyphotography, but I do have many other hobbies as well and so I have to balance how much money I can allocate to each one. One thing I like about DSLR is that after I do invest into lenses, especially with Pentax, all I will have to do in the future is purchase a body. Still, all in all its alot of cash for an amatuer /recreational photographer. And, like anything else, there is always the 'next model up' for x amount of dollars more. If money was no object I would buy myself the best DSLR and the best, compact point and shoot. Besides all of that, I am not sure if I am serious enough at this time that I want to carry a bag of lenses around with me.

I currently own a Canon A520; if I scrapped the idea of opting for a DSLR and settled for an FZ30, will I be likely to feel that I have made an upgrade? Besides the zoom lens that is. I have looked at alot of FZ30 users pictures and it appears that it outperforms my A520 by far. I am considering getting the FZ30 to 'play' with and put my creativeness to work and still use the A520 for times when I don't want to carry a bulky camera around.

Thank you in advance for you comments!
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I purchased the FZ30 in November of last year. i wasn't that experienced, but it was great for learning. But, 6 months into it I was wanting a DSLR. i resigned myself to just waiting for a year or two. until the pentax DL was $367 after rebate at beach camera (thats how cheap it was at the beginning of July prior to the K100D coming out). I have not regretted the decision at all, best one i ever made! the kit lens is very nice and gives you a good wide angle. you can pickup a 28-200mm (42-300 is what the focal range is because of sensor crop) sigma or tamron lens on ebay for around or just over $100 (sometimes less, i got a sigma, the newer 62mm version, for $75 shipped brand new). that gives me about 9x 'zoom' equivalent, in digital terms. the awesome thing about dslrs, especially pentax, is prime lenses. I picked up an f2 50mm old pentax manual lens at a shop in town for $20, and it is a blast to use! you can use any pentax lens with a K mount, or screw mount lenses too with a $20 adapter. the main plus is low light photography. USEABLE ISO 1600 on the pentax, it is grainy yes, but looks like ISO 1600 film would look...it looks right. The noise (which was even on ISO100 with the panasonic) turns a blue sky into blotchy blue with hints of red, i couldn't bear it any longer and don't miss it one bit! Since getting the camera, i've spend about $150 on lenses, currently have 5 and sold 2 i didn't like that much. they were all used in the first place, so reselling them you end up losing maybe $5-10 dollars. Thanks EBAY! (http://www.keh.com is a good place for lenses too).

IT IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT if you enjoy photography. even if you don't get the pentax, if you already have a basic understanding of photography, or are willing to learn, make the jump to a dslr, you'll regret the FZ30 if you take photos of anything but far off wildlife and outdoor shooting.

incidentally, the money i got from selling the FZ30 paid for the new camera, a memory card and a new lens too, that was my kind of deal!
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