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-No Brand Preference
-Camera that will produce BEST point N shoot picture quality <--more preferred
-Camera that will produce BEST manually adjusted picture quality

-Average to above average battery life

-Bonus if it does have a viewfinder
-Budget of +- $300
-Good Micro function..(I shoot a lot of eBay pictures..good Macro is a must)
-Ultra Compact to Compact size
-Bigger or equal to 2.5" LCD at least

What's the magic camera that will satisfy those requirements?
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Those were pretty close to my requirements a couple of months ago, and I went with the Fuji F30.

But I would also look at models with image stabilization, particulalry the Canon models, such as the SD700 IS. If you don't really need the manual controls, that might be preferable (I really wanted manual control).

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Old Oct 31, 2006, 2:24 PM   #4
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Ben - gotta ask - what suddenly has you drinking the canon coolaid?

Seems like every thread today has you toutingthe Canon lineup as the best cameras out there - whether it's video, high iso performance or overall picture quality.

To my knowledge none of the canon cameras use the Super CCD chip - so why are they suddenly your reccomended models?
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JohnG, I know that the CANON POWERSHOT MODELS are great at video quality, photo quality, functions, design, battery life, responsiveness, high ISO performance, and value for money!!

I have used them before in real, read plenty of reviews about them, and had also gotten many positive user feedbacks!

I want to tell you that I have been pixel peeping and researching on those type(s) of digital camera(s) before coming to the dSLR/large sensor camera(s) stage.


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