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:?I've been debating which DSLR to buy and decided to stay with Canon since I own an older EOS 630 with a 380 EX Speedlight flash, a 1.8 50mm lens and a 35-70mm zoom lens which would be useless if I switched brands, although image stablization is very important to me as a feature. I'm having a hard time deciding between the 30D and the new Rebel XTi with its many features, but I think that all in all I want the quality build of the 30D. Bottom line is that I'm about to buy the 30D as a kit with the 17-85 IS lens before the rebate ends on Jan 15, 2007.

What do you think of my decision? Is the lense cleaning and other features on the 400D that big of a deal? If I hold off for a few months will the price on the 30D go down after Christmas? What would you recomend, if I get this outfit, for a telephoto lens as the best lens for the money in the 70-300mm range? Like they say,"In the multitude of counselers there is wisdom. Thanks for the help in advance.

P.S.----Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't save alot of money and buy the Sony A100 or the Pentax K100 with built in anti-shake and save alot of money. But that would mean buying another expensive flash. Thats why I think I shouldstay withthe Canon line with the pricy stablized lenses and once I have them, I have them.
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Canon, I believe, has a rebate now for $100 on their DSLRs. As for the sensor cleaning, if you only use one lens then you don't need it, but if you change lens every so often then it's definitely beneficial.
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A few thoughts...

If you wait for the price to go down then there will be new cameras out and you'll be thinking the 400D will go down soon and then nikon will have some new feature which canon will soon match and after that ...

While there's an awful lot to be said for going for the 10,20,30D line over the canon entry level cameras the 400D does seem to have a lot of new features, less of the drawbacks of the 300 and 350 and is a lot cheaper than the 30D. If you can deal with the crappy grip it's just better value at the moment.

Best value 70-300 is (or was, 18 months ago when I bought one and probably still is) the sigma APO.
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