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I am currently looking for a superzoom/ultrazoom/insert hype here camera, as I sorely missed any level of zoom in my last digital camera. I am been reading other threads (and every review site I can find) on the topic and have no "set 3" I am choosing amongst, this is just the list of current qualifying cameras I have found thus far.

The brands and models I am considering:

Canon PowerShot S3 IS, s2 IS
Fuji FinePix S5200 and S9000
Kodak EasyShare P850, Z612, Z650
Nikon Coolpix S4
Olympus SP-500UZ
Panasonic DMC-FZ5 DMC-FZ7 DMC-FZ30,DMC-TZ1
Samsung Digimax Pro815 SE
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H1, DSC-H2, DSC-H5.

Can this list be reduced by the following:

Canon S3>S2
Sony Cyber-shot DSc-H5>H1,H2

Are there any other "inner brand" considerations that is simply x is better than y and thus y can be removed? It seems there tends to be more agreement on the "inner brand" comparison than with cross brands.

Obviously zoom is a factor hence the list, but outside that: I am primarily looking at quality of the picture, and everything else a distant second.

Other considerations:
1. Speed of the camera and mostly this is referring to in between shots, and ability to burst shoot, though boot up speed is nice.
2. Low light shooting. I understand most perform pretty poorly here and thus isn't a way to separate cameras.
3. ISO noise at higher setting. Once again something all have and thus not a way to weed out based on performance.
4. Form factor. Seems all is something you have to get used too, whether bulky/light/heavy/tiny.
5. Battery type. Definitely prefer universal AA etc to proprietary power sources.
6. Add-on lens. There is not a lot of information on how well the add-ons lens do with these cameras, though even more telephoto would be nice.
7. Wide angle ability . Not a big usage/performance issue for me.
8. Storage media type. I would prefer Cf or SD as I have readers and other devices this can be used in once the camera is no more but this is second to quality etc. Lower cost =s great especially if not sacrificing speed or quality. Is there big speed differences among the high speed cards with modern cameras?
9. Price. I am looking at spending roughly 500$ on the camera.
10 battery life. Of course the longer the better but with decent batteries similiar perforing enough (I think) or not enough so to compromise quality for better battery life.

***Edit below**

11. IS. From whatI have read it is a great tool with 10-12x lens especially with a telephoto add-onon top of that. So good IS is also a pretty decent criteria for culling. I think someone said the Olmpus is without it so with confirmation could cull it from the list.

12.Auto focusingspeed. Depedning on the variance between modelsthis obviously could also be pretty handy.

************End edit ****************

Anything else I should consider?

If you have any links to heads to heads or a good way to do some direct comparison I would deeply appreciate it, and of cource, along with any recommendations you may have.

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I realize there is a lot more to consider than close up shots such as these (stuck in an edit in my above post)



But from what I can tell the Canon s3 is producing a cleaner photo?

Hrm here is a comparison between Fz7 and canonS3


To methe canon looks like it has cleaner images there.

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After reading even more reviews and plodding through user forums, I am down to the Fuji S9000 or Panasonic FZ30.

Of course the big debate with the FZ30 is the mythical FZ40 and how it will perform and how it will irk a new buyer the FZ30 just dropped signifcantly in pricedue to a new model. I believe the fz30 is already discontinued. Is the lithium battery it uses widely spread amongst other models, hopefully included nondicontinued ones?

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Minlas wrote:
I realize there is a lot more to consider than close up shots such as these
If you mean about small objects then things to look are size of captured area, distortion, chromatic aberration and corner softness. (macro focus test)
So Fuji is much better in that aspect.
Fuji has much better noise characteristics compared to Pana so for moving targets it's considerably better.

Both have manual/mechanical zoom unlike most of those you listed in first post.

That "FZ40" is very propably this one:
Real prosumer cameras are about dead and makers spew out only toyish half baked me-too copies and push people wanting more to cash cow side.
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