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Default ZS3 or TS1 which one?

Hi there,

I have finally decided to give in and get a expensive digital camera after reading all these great reviews and I have narrowed it down to the ZS3 and the TS1 but I have a few questions, if someone could answer it for me:

1. I have read ZS3 is pretty bad indoors at many sites. Is it really that bad? I plan to do quite a lot of indoor shots with our new baby on the way, so is that going to be a problem?

2. Does the ZS3 have a dust problem? One of the reasons I am thinking TS1 (the tough model) is because I have heard that dust gets into ZS3 lens? Is it really so? I really don't want to spend a whole lot of cash and then get dust in the lens. Does the warranty cover such problems?

3. Does the ZS3/TS1 automatically go into baby mode, if it's pointed towards the baby with face recognition enabled? Does the flash then work at lower intensity?

4. If you guys do recommend the Panasonic Cameras, which color should I take? Black , Silver? Does the black paint chip off or get worn out? Is silver any better?

Last not but the least, I am making the right choices?

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I'll start from the bottom. The "right" choice is very much linked to your photographic needs. For indoor shots you need a camera with a fast lens (f2.8 or wider), which handles high ISO noise well (and perhaps a somewhat strong flash if the area is large). I'd say the LX3 would be a better choice for this type of environment.

As far as camera body color goes, it's up to the individual. The black color has been associated with a more professional line of equipment (primarily due to most SLRs being black). Personally, for pocket cameras such as this, I prefer the silver. I never had a black pocket camera (or any other color for that matter), so I don't know how resistant the paint coating is. Chances are it will scratch over time and the scratches will be more evident on a color body than on a silver body.

I don't have the ZS3 or the TS1, so I can't say for sure if these cameras will go into "baby" mode automatically. I do have the Pana FZ28 and its iA mode is pretty clever. It will detect whether you are shooting Landscape vs. portrait vs. macro, etc, etc. Now, I imagine that since the camera can identify these scenes and switch the mode accordingly, it will most likely recognize a baby and switch to "Baby" mode automatically. So, chances are that the ZS3 will do that but I don't know about the TS1.

The ZS3 does not handle high ISO as well as the LX3 and its lens is not as fast either. So, noise can be a problem. The AF system struggles a bit in low light as well.

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