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KrishnaS Aug 4, 2010 11:24 PM

ZS7 FZ35: differences other than indoor IQ
Dear All,

Apart from indoor Image quality difference and Megapixels, is there any significant difference between these two cameras in terms of intelligent auto, auto white balance, or image processing techniques?

Kindly elaborate.

Since the price difference is not significant now between the two , the better in_camera software is important for me.

Thank you all


LTZ470 Aug 5, 2010 12:37 AM

I would say basically the same...the FZ35 lens is 2.8 on the wide end though, which is an advantage over the ZS7 3.3 in low light...

mtclimber Aug 5, 2010 9:55 AM


To my way of thinking the Panasonic FZ-35 has a measurable edge over the ZS7 mode by a substantial margin. Here are the plus factors:

On the FZ-35:

Better Scene Modes
Faster Lens
Better Built-in Flash
More User Friendly
Better Intelligent Auto Mode
You have a proper EVF on which to frame your photos

On the ZS7

You have GPS

Sarah Joyce

skylark Aug 5, 2010 2:50 PM

Hi KrishnaS,

To add to Sarah's reply, here's some additional details on why the FZ35 would be better:

Much easier to see details in various lighting conditions. Also bracing the camera against your face, your body becomes a pseudo tripod with less camera shake than holding the ZS7 away from the face to view the LCD screen.

Pops up which provides more distance between the flash and the lens which results in less chance of red-eye. Also, flash is centered directly over the lens which (technically speaking) is more optimum than being off to the side.

You mentioned "other than indoor IQ" but thought it wouldn't hurt to mention this in case others might be interested in low-light differences. The senor size for the ZS7 and FZ35 are both 1/2.33" and both cameras are rated as 12.1 "effective" MP. However, the FZ35's sensor contains 12.7 MP compared to the ZS7's 14.5 MP which means that the pixels in the FZ35's sensor are larger than in the ZS7's sensor. Larger pixels equates to less noise. --- Combined with the FZ35's faster lens, the FZ35 will have better low-light image quality than the ZS7.

Here's a link to dpreview's side-by-side comparison for the FZ35 and ZS7:


LTZ470 Aug 5, 2010 3:03 PM

Sarah and Skylark covered a lot of advantages I missed...they are completely correct also...except the ZS7 only shows to have 12Mp on my camera not 14Mp?

mtclimber Aug 5, 2010 3:11 PM


12mp is the correct number.

Sarah Joyce

skylark Aug 5, 2010 3:27 PM


Originally Posted by LTZ470 (Post 1126225)
Sarah and Skylark covered a lot of advantages I missed...they are completely correct also...except the ZS7 only shows to have 12Mp on my camera not 14Mp?

Hi LTZ470,

12 MP is the "effective" number of pixels that the ZS7 actually uses to form the image. The ZS7's sensor has 14.5 MP but only 12 MP of it is used to form the image. All digital cameras that I've researched don't use the entire sensor to form the image so the MP that the manufacturer's list, is the "effective" MP value.

In the dpreview side-by-side link that I posted, check the "pixel density" values. The FZ35 has 43 MP/cm2 density compared to the ZS7's 50 MP/cm2 density. That also confirms that the FZ35's sensor pixels are less dense which means they are larger.


EDIT: I think the reasons that the entire sensor is never used to form the image are:

1. The diameter of the lenses vary so the size of the image focused on the sensor can be larger or smaller.

2. Due to manufacturing tolerances, it would be impractical to try to focus the image on the "entire" sensor. Slight errors in alignment would result in the image being offset on the sensor resulting in varying amount of pixels for each camera. Remember that there are millions of pixels on the tiny sensor so each one is microscopic in size. It wouldn't take much misalignment to chop off 100,000 pixels. By focusing a smaller image on the center of the sensor, the image could shift slightly and still be entirely on the sensor, yielding the full rated "effective" MP for every camera.

So my guess is that the ZS7's lens focuses a smaller image on the sensor than the FZ35 does. Although the sensor is the same size as the one in the FZ35, the smaller image uses less of the sensor. To end up with a 12 MP camera for marketing purposes, the ZS7 had to use a 14.5 MP sensor to end up with the 12.1 effective MP. Pure speculation on my part, but my best guess.


vwcrusher Aug 5, 2010 3:28 PM

....the ZS7 can fit in your pocket.... if that is an advantage

KrishnaS Aug 6, 2010 6:39 AM

Ltz470, Sarah , Skylark... thank you very much for this long detailed reply. you are all very sweet, compassionate, friendly and very very helpful on this forum for these confusing camera world out there. My deep regards to you all for the energy you are spending here for us.

As Skylark explained in ZS7 it is smaller dia lens projecting a smaller image on a densely packed small pixel containing sensor than FZ35. and as I understand , FZ35 has better aperture Lens than ZS7.

May you please explain what is faster lens?

Thank you very much once again,


LTZ470 Aug 6, 2010 7:28 AM

This diagram will give you an idea of the size of the cameras "eye" at different apertures...the FZ35 at 2.8 has more shutter open area (eye = aperture) as the ZS w/ 3.3 therfore allowing in more light when cnditions are darker such as indoors or shady areas, so it can give you a better low light picture...

Go to this website and read up on Aperture as it has a very good explanation:

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