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In addition to what others have said, this page has a good comparison of the two cameras with links to other discussions you can browse:

Some other cameras that are compared with those two are the Canon PowerShot G7, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7, Canon PowerShot S80, Fujifilm FinePix S6500fd, and Sony DSC-N1.
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From most of the reviews we can find... most said H5 has better overall image quality. I compared Steve's most famous Playground and Beach photos(H2 vs S3iS). Sony pics do look better.

I wanted to buy a Canon buttheir Powershot seriesbiggest problem is... when setting to Aperture priority mode, the shutter speedis NOTdisplayed untill the shutter is pressed half way. The same when setting to speed priority...no aperture readingdisplayed until you press shutter halfway. I tried the Sony H2 in storeand it seems it has no problem doing that.

Ifi drop my3 y/o 4mp/10xOlympus C765 into the bathtub(shooting my baby's bath)today, i'd buy a H2 or H5 tomorrow(even though i dont likeH2/H5's look). but now, i'll wait. Next spring, better cameras will be in the market for sure. Maybesome of themwill be equiped with 1024x768 at 30fps movie mode+able tozoom and changing the size of LCD(like pana LX2).
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Actually I bought Powershot A710IS yesterday. It only has a 6x zoom, but it has the same excellent movie mode with some restrictions, though. For instance, you can't zoom during video recoding. It is also much smaller and lighter than the S3 or the H5. As I have already a Konica Minolta 7D DSLR and a Konica Minolta A200, which both yield clearly better image quality than the S3 or the H5, because they have a larger sensors (for the A200 I have to use the raw format to beat the S3 and the H5). But the 7D like all DSLRs has no movie mode and the video quality of the A200 is too poor (similar to the Sony cameras). Thus I decided to go for the A710IS because of the small size and price. The very recent Powershot G7 is the big brother of the A710IS. As far as image and movie quality is concerned perhaps the best of all current cameras. It is a good deal heavier and larger than the A710IS, though. Unfortunately neither the G7 nor the A710IS have the beloved swivel display like the S3 or the A630/A640 or my KM A200.
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Newbie here resurrecting an old but interesting thread that I'm sure is applicable still today...

I just picked up the S3. $450 here in Canada. This is my first move into "photography" other than my old Sony P50, and my 2 Minolta Dimage X and X50's.

I am back and forth between the S3 and still the Sony H5. I have a Sony Vid Camera HC96 so think that perhaps keeping the same media (mem sticks) may be something.

I am leaning however to keeping the S3. So far it has been fun over the last couple days around the house. The 12x zoom is wicked. There is so much more one can do vs. a 3 or 4x. I like the build quality of the S3. I like the button layout of the S3. One can move pretty quickly to changing ISO. I don't really like the small 4-way but it works just fine. The LCD is borderline too small; maybe it is too small but it works and the info on the screen is great. I have to say that the flip out LCD is wicked too! I think one can really get creative and think / try new and different shots with that screen. I got some neat ones of my 3 month old.

That all said, the Sony H5 still intrigues me. I love the screen; beautiful. I also like the wheel under the shutter to adjust the manual settings of aperture and speed. Not sure it feels as solid in my hand. It only takes 2 AA batteries and that absence of extra 2 AA batteries and their weight hinders it I think. The S3 is more solid because of it IMO.

The beauty of big box stores these days is that one can buy one and return it 14 days later given you don't scratch it etc. I think this is the only way to come to a conclusion.

I LOVE to reasearch on the web. That said, all the reasearch in the world will help you narrow it down but until you actually pick one up, play with it, use it, etc.... you'll never know what works for you.

I think I'll go try the H5 this weekend and see if it will sway me from my S3. I really do like the S3; just want to be sure. I think if the LCD on the S3 was the same size as it is on the new A640 there would be No Question!!!!
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The Fuji S5200 and Fuji S6000fd are both cameras I would check out. They each have 10x optical zoom. They each have a 640x480 and a 320x240 video capture mode that will allow you to keep shooting until the cared fills up. The one downside of the video mode is you can not zoom in and out as it is recording.

I am a high volume shooter and I use the Fuji S5200 as my camera of choice. It is an excellent camera with some very good features and it gives very good batery power results when the batteries are fully charged. Also it is fast when used with one of the new olympus H series xD memory cards. I can shoot an image roughly every 2 seconds or so.
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