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na3r0k Nov 29, 2006 12:21 AM

Ok so i'm planning on getting a digital camera for the holiday season have done some research on the following. Panasonic Lumix dmc-fx07 / canon PowerShot SD700 IS / Nikon Coolpix S7c i'm pretty much leaning towards the panasonic right now, but not yet sold. Also i'm wondering if the three might be more camera then i need and maybe it might be better to spend a lil less on a different camera so any other recomendations would be great. Also i hear the canon sd700 is a lil bit fragile which is a big reason for me leaning away from that one can anyone confirm that? Anyway thanks in advance for any help, also i would love to hear some opinions about the sd630 and sd600 as i might opt to go for one of those.

KALEL33 Nov 29, 2006 1:23 AM

Ultra-compacts are fragile by nature, but the problem with the SD cameras is that they are so small and not much to hold onto that they get dropped. I've seen 3 people bring their cameras in and ask where to get them fixed. I said it was probably cheaper to get a new one. I always told people that when they buy these cameras that the wrist strap is not for looks, but needs to be used.

na3r0k Nov 29, 2006 10:32 AM

The main complaint i hear about the panasonic is the image quality. Noisy images. As for the sd700 is it just fragile because it is a small camera in general? How about the sd630?

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