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havfrue2006 wrote:

I get VERY put off by comments on Digital camera message boards when the DSLR enthusiasts go on and on about how lousy non-DSLRs are. Nobody denies that the quality of DSLRs is STUNNING: they are! But for MANY people, DSLRs' potential ('cause not everyone knows how to use them properly) beautiful pictures comes with cons they don't want to compromise with.
I think this puts things in perspective very well. Camera shopping is very much like car shopping. The key is to match the right car to the right driver - same here. No one would argue a BMW or a Porsche isn't a great car - but they aren't the right car for everyone. As comes up every so often, there are a few instances where a DSLR is the only real solution to a difficult photographic need - but that isn't usually the case. And, I also find it very misleading to suggest that DSLRs can be had for only $600 - well they can, but it's misleading in the sense that you need other lenses, flashes etc. - so garanteed you'll spend more than that $600 - especially if you have some demanding needs: better flash pictures -oh you need an external flash - another $200 at least, oh you want to shoot sports - oh there's $500 - $2000 worth of lenses - the list goes on and on.

On the other side of the equation, though - there have been posts on this site that, IMO, oversell a digicam's capabilities - especially in areas of photogrpahy the posters aren't familiar with. So, my advice is always seek opinions from folks who do the same type of photography you plan to do. If you have kids, look for advice from people who are shooting their kids, macro - look for macro shots - party shots - look for people who do this- and ask for pictures - the pictures are the real test of how well a camera performs. Again, it's very rare to shoot a style of photography no one else on all the photography boards shoots. So you should be able to find someone who shoots what you shoot and quite often several someones. We're all photographers here and as such most are glad to share their work - so ask for sample pics - you'll get a general idea of how the camera performs. Sure people have different levels of ability but you can get a general idea of how a camera performs. In the end, if you buy any camera without seeing photos and handling the camera yourself - it's caveat emptor - buyer beware!

Just my .02
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I feel bad that my original comments to O.S. seems to have spurred some unnecessary vitriol here. O.S. has basically acknowledged that he is perhaps a little too ardent at times promoting DSLRs, and also implied that he has not really kept up with the performance advances in the P&S world since he bought his Canon 300D. O.S. responded to my post in a kindly fashion, and yet there have been subsequent comments by others that, rather than offered in similar spirit, have condescending and hostile tones. That is completely unnecessary.

Re: the digicam v DSLR debate... just as race car drivers don't cut their teeth on full blown F1 or Nascar vehicles, my choice is to learn something of the craft of photography on a "lesser" camera. I also don't want to worry about buying and swapping lenses. Perhaps in some situations it is more difficult to get a decent photo out of a digicam than a DSLR; that is fine by me, as I see people who get tremendous photos with P&S cameras, and this means to me that I have much to learn about aspects such as composition and technique. I've seen some crisp, clear photos from DSLRs that are not very good IMO, because the user has no clue on how to take a picture. I've seen some of JohnG's photos and am not impressed solely by his camera's awesome imaging capabilities. I am most impressed with the compostion and expressiveness of those pictures, and also the fact that he can articulate the thought process behind the lens. In other words, JohnG is not using the superior IQ of his DSLR as crutch for his photos. This is something I can learn, also. I have been able to capture cats in mid-leap, birds in flight, cars moving etc with P&S because I anticipated in those instances. Granted, those photos aren't awesome, but they are decent IMO. And again, I have seen others do far better than I in this regard.

To answer your question to me, O.S., I received a Fuji S6000fd as a Christmas present, and really like it. It is currently as close as you can get to a DSLR without actually buying one, though of course the DSLR's ulitmate photographic possiblities are far superior.
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flippedgazelle - good stuff! enjoy your camera
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