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What I need:
* Something fast. My main use will be indoor and mostly pictures of my baby/child. And children rarely pose, so quick shots seems necessery.
* Something stable, since I can't keep steady, for some reason, and breaking out the tripod every time I want to take a picture seems a bit overkill, and would be a hassle.

Secondary needs:
* Good image quality. A camera with great reviews on image quality, but with no IS won't help me if I'm the problem.
* Some macro capabilities, for doing fun closeups.
* Possibility for manual focus. (Not super important, but the bad autofocus on my old Nikon Coolpix 3500 drove me crazy. If the autofocus is faster/better than that, I could go with something with only autofocus.)

I've been reading reviews, tests and specs all over the place, and actually had a nightmare about cameras last night, so now I need your help.
What should I pick?

I was considering the Fuji 6000fd, but the lack of IS scares me. No use getting a good camera if my shakiness is going to ruin most of the pictures anyway.
The S3 has good reviews, but I've read some complaints about image quality and speed.
The Panasonics all have IS and are supposed to be very fast (and that interesting scene setting "Baby 1" and "Baby 2") but complaints about noise seems to be all over.

Please advise. As I said earlier, my main use will be indoors, taking pictures of my baby (and later, hyperactive toddler). I might take some shots of wildlife, if I spot some, but it's not as important.
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Check out the Sony H2...it has IS, and is somewhere between the S6000 and the S3 IS in the noise category.


Good luck with your choice. Get a good night's sleep.

the Hun

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I've seen lots of reviews that mention 'noise' on the Pansonics. I'm new to this and wonder if it is only a problem for people with very high picture quality standards, or if it would bother even the amature's eye?
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The Panasonic's IQ is great in good light, especially since they have some good sharp lenses. The problems are when you need higher sensitivity. All of these will tend to get grainy as you increase ISO settings, but on the Panasonics it will start to show some at ISO 200 and be bad at 400. That makes them a bit less useful than the others indoors or other low light without flash.

If you are shooting a non moving subject, you can make up for that some in low light by using slower shutter speeds, and the IS helps you hold the camera at slower shutters without causing blur. But if your subject moves at all you still need a fast enough shutter to prevent blur, so you need higher ISO.

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