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Hello and Happy New Year to all.

I'm after a DSLR for general and wildlife pictures. So far the Nikon D50, Pentax K100 and Canon EOS400 have caught my eye.

Can anyone suggest which would be best for my needs, I will be getting a 50mm 1.8 and a Sigma 50-500 to go with the camera also.

Is one of them more suited to the long zoom than the other.

I am reading all I can and have handled them in store but some real world advice would be very helpful.

BTW: I am upgrading from an FZ30.

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HSM focusing motor on the 50-500 (and on other HSM Sigma lenses) is only available on the Nikon and Canon mounts, so I´d say go for those.
I'd also get a kit zoom lens so that you have also wide angle for general use.
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OK, I'd not realised that thanks.

So its down to the old Nikon v Canon debate then.

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you're getting that monster 50-500mm? may I ask why?! with these cameras it is the equivalent of 75-750mm reach. your fz30 was only 432mm. make sure you budget for a STURDY tripod, because you wont be able to hand-hold that lens - it weighs 4 pounds, before you add the camera! well, if you got something equivalent to go with the pentax, at least it has inbody stabilization and that would help. I bought a 400mm f5.6 (600 equivalent) vivitar for my pentax dslr about a month ago for $50 on ebay, and i cant really even hand hold that, it shakes like mad.

If you're serious about photography, I'd go for a better body to start with myself, pentax K10D (which i have on order), or nikon D80 would both probably be better off for starting out if you already have a good understanding of how a camera works (the fz30 was a good starting point for me, but it was a big jump to a basic dSLR from that too - there are alot of functions that aren't on a prosumer cam, even the fz30, which is a pretty good cam). a fast 50mm lens can be had relatively cheap from any of the large camera co.'s, I just question the need for that 50-500mm lens! what kind of photos do you take predominantly, and do you plan on branching out from that in the future?
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