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kompik Jan 5, 2007 11:32 PM

(First off, I'll admit that I'm a photography noob, so feel free to over-explain things if you feel it would help.)

My wife and I are looking to replace our old digicam with a newer model. We have 3 areas of concern:

1. Good for Macro - About 2/3 of the things we want to photograph are close-up of things like wildflowers, minerals, bonsai, miniatures, etc. We'd like to be able to get right up on top of these things to capture as much crisp, clear detail as possible. Now, I know that cameras have specs regarding macro focus ranges, but I've heard that those often refer to having special lenses (though I could be completely misinformed about this). If the only way to get good macro shots is by having a special macro lens, is there a camera that comes with one...or are there cameras that do fine macro work with their normal lens? Also, is there some way to control the range that things stay in focus for macro shots (i.e. the range at which things get blurry?). Do all macro-enabled cameras have this setting option, or is it something I need to specifically search for?

2. Good for Landscapes - Anything from wide vistas to 4x optical zoom for wildlife snapshots would probably suit our needs. (Our current camera has 3x and we wish it could go just a *little* more.) We just want to make sure we don't sacrifice too much large-scale ability by insisting on small-scale quality.

3. Shorter Delay Between Photos -Our current camera takes an agonizingly long time to take two pictures in succession, as well as to take the the first shot after we hit the power button. (I can't tell you how many times we've seen some critter in the wild we want to photograph, just to have it scamper off while we're waiting for our camera to "warm up" or whatever it's doing.) Decreasing this downtime between photos would be a blessing.

Any specific camera recommendations would be welcome, but just knowing whichfeatures to focus on would be a great help.

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