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Does anyone know of a compact digital camera, for less than ~ £200 (say ~ $300 in US prices) that takes reasonable pictures and that can be used for a while with the minimum of clutter.

I'll usually have a laptop with me as well as a mini B USB cable. I want to minimize the weight and size of the camera and all the associated bits and pieces. I really don't want to have to lug a mains charger around with me.

Ideally I'd get one that can be charged from a mini B USB lead. My phone uses one of those and it would mean less clutter on the move, as well as at home if a camera used them too.

The Samsung NV3, NV7 and NV10 can be charged from a USB socket, but use a proprietary socket so I'd to carry another cable around with me.

An alternative would be to get something that uses AA batteries. Then I would be able to pack a few extra batteries, rely on buying alkaline ones, or get a USB AA charger.

Other features that I would like are:

1. SD or mini SD cards for the memory.

2. Automatic modes that work most of the time, and manual overrides for when they don't

3. I'd rather spend money on a decent lens and electronics at the expense of the overall resolution. 5MP would be fine.

4. An optical viewfinder and image stabilization would be nice

At the moment, I'm thinking of a Panasonic DMC LS2 which is £69 at Comet. It uses AA batteries, doesn't have an optical viewfinder, and its not great in low light.
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A Samsung VP MS15 charges from the mini B USB lead and is compact and light. It also uses mini SD cards like my HTC Wizard phone.


The downside is that the only review I can find is http://www.epinions.com/content_231008931460 and I think I want more control over the automated settings. The flash isn't up to much for low light.

The manual at
says the flash range is 7 feet (2.1m). I don't know that I need something else to play MP3s.
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