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Hi Everyone

I plan on launching a virtual tour photographic service and thought I'd asked for some experienced advice before I part with my cash. Initially I was planning on a 0-360 oneshot prism and a Canon A640 digital camera. However, after seeing hundreds of beautiful high quality virtual tours, I can see myself getting hooked on panoramic photography, for which the $500 oneshot prism just wont do. Also, the main thing that attracted me initiallywas the "one shot only" benefit, but then I thought, how much longer would it take to take another 5 or 6 photos, seeing that the camera is already set up!? 1 min maybe... And for the sacrifice in quality, thats not really worth the time.

So, Im now leaning towards the fish-eye lens option, and provided it doesnt take ages to stitch the photos together and produce the tour, I think it could still be possible to make enough tours a day to be profitable.

I therefore need some guidance on camera/lens/head combo's, given that I'd have a budget of around $1500 for camera+lens. Since I might have to take still photographs at clients' properties, it has to be good enough for that too.

Any experience with the Raynox DCR CF185 PROlens? Its half the price of the 0-360 oneshot prism!

Thank you in advance!

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