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In April I received the Canon Power Shot A520 as a gift from my employer. For Christmas my sons just bought me the Canon S3 IS. Let me add that I am not a real photography buff and that my girlfriend owns the Casio EXLIM Z750. Considering the expense to my boys, should I keep the S3 IS or swap the gift? Truth be told, I've personally taken less than 6 pictures with the A520 and my girlfriend has taken maybe two dozen more. I've considered keeping both and putting the better one away, taking it out on planned vacations and events, while keeping the A520 in the car but not sure it would stand the New England elements.

I'm grateful for the gift but don't want to be wasting someone's money. Thanks!
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People into photography would probably upgrade.

However, it seems you realize you won't be using the S3 anymore than the A520.

You basically told us you don't want it, so don't let us convince you otherwise. It's not even a matter if you'll use such and such a feature, because you said you barely use the camera at all.

I'm not good at returning gifts, so let us know how you handled things. :-)
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The cameras are kind of like apples and oranges. One is a nice, relatively compact, camera that you can keep in your coat pocket, and the other is obviously much bigger- and more or less like a mini-SLR camera with a ton of optical zoom and image stabilization andlots of other features (including nice movie modes) and capabilities if you would ever want to get into that sort of thing that would outshine the 520. You really just need to think about how much you're going to use them. For your average, daylight, vacation-type snapshots that don't require a big zoom- you might never see a ton of practical difference between the two in your final results.

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I'd swap it... I think you need to be reasonably into photography to carry around anything more than a shirt pocket camera. The S3 is big enough, that you'd probably never even have it with you.... so is that A520, IMHO.
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