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I currently have a regular digi cam (SONY DSC-P73 Cyber-shot) and want to upgrade to something better which I can both take movies and stills with.

I am seriously considering the Xacti.

I know that the video quality won't be as good as a miniDV but am willing to compromise for versatility and size but I am expecting better video quality than what I get with my current digicam.

I have two questions:

  1. My current regular digi camera does 640x480 VX Fine w/audio at 30fps videos. Will I see a significant improvement in video quality using the Xacti (other than the fact that I will be able to zoom)?

  1. Is the splash proof Xacti VPC-CA6OR the same as far as specifications as the "regular" VPC-C6 (it currently costs significantly less)?

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There is a very active Sanyo forum here, where you may read up more about the Xacti series hybrid cameras:


Your questions:

(1) Sorry I don't have an answer because I do not have a Sony P73, and I have not used Sony cameras before. I find that the C6's video at the best setting is good enough on a standard TV (I don't have plasma, LCD or HDTV). On the computer monitor, the image may show some pixelation when the scene is complex (I mean with lots of colors, patterns etc.) and when you pan (sweep across the scene) too quickly. You should go to the Sanyo website to download some sample video and see for youself:


(look for "shooting samples" in the menu under each model)

NOTE: word of advice - high compression MPEG-4 video is heavy on computer processor power. Many people have trouble with top-heavy video players like QuickTime (Windows Media Player does not support MP4 files), when the video becomes choppy. Try third party freeware players like:

VLC player

Media Player Classic

(2) The CA6 is supposed to have identical specifications as the C6, but (1) with a weatherproof shell (2) without a lens cap.
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To start from the end I got the Xacti CA6, tested it and returned it. Here are the pros and cons.

Pros –
  1. Very small, just put in your pocket and go [/*]
  2. Easy and simple controls [/*]
  3. Super fast start up from sleep mode [/*]
  4. Good video quality when lighting conditions are good [/*]
  5. the ability to take stills while in video mode (I had no issue with the video pausing, no way around that) [/*]
  6. You get video and 6mp stills in one device for a reasonable price [/*]
  7. SD card that records for a long time [/*]
  8. Easy transfer to computer for editing

Cons –

  1. Indoor video unacceptable, although the Xacti video is brighter than the videos that my Sony digicam takes, it is extremely grainy (more so than my Sony digicam videos!!) [/*]
  2. Super slow zoom when in video mode [/*]
  3. In good lighting it is very difficult to take stills that are not blurry (especially when trying to capture a kid on the move, for scenery it might be OK) [/*]
  4. In low lighting stills are unusable (even at short distance) due to a very, very weak flash. [/*]
  5. Red eye almost every time the flash works [/*]
  6. Strap is a joke [/*]
  7. No lens cover[/*]

So in short, on paper this camera is great, I love having the SD format rather than tape or DVD, the size is amazing and the ability to take both video and stills at a high resolution is priceless.

But….the stills are useless both in good and bad lighting (see above) and the video is usable only if shot in very good lighting conditions (for a new dad that shoots many videos indoors this is impractical).

This camera is only for outdoor people who shoot in good lighting conditions and have a very very steady hand (for taking stills). For almost everyone else it is not adequate, I will have to compromise on having both a dedicated still camera and a miniDV camcorder (going for the Elura 100)…..

Ya, I know people told me that this was the best option beforehand, I was hoping to prove them wrong….; - (

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