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to set up the shots takes seconds. If I have time I usually take a few test shots to set things up for the best results and then just shoot.
It's so easy you can't believe.
indoors I shoot with flash pointed at the ceiling (bounced). All other settings are on auto.

after shooting with my Canon for 2 years I learned a couple of tricks how to get a better picture and now I know after a couple of test shots what I need to change.
Usually indoors I just add flash exposure compentation +1 when pointing flash at the ceiling. It is very logical if you think of it ... since light bounces off and decreases in power you need to give it more power then what the camera thinks you need (speaking in laemon's terms). The cameras nowdays set everything for you. Nikon D40 (and other Nikons) has auto mode where EVERYTHING is auto - shutter speed, aperture, ISO - to get the properly exposed image. You start in auto and then a DSLR makes you want to learn. Though you don't have to.

In most cases, I just pick the camera up and shoot. The shots of the cat were taken while photographing my daughter opening Santa's gifts at 6am . Since the flash is on, it compensates for all my mistakes in setting things up.

thanks - we like our cat ... it gets a lot of attention and we got hundreds of pics of her taken .

P.S. my camera overexposes sometimes, but very rarely. and in most cases it is when I shoot with flash dirrected at the subject.
There may be a setting in your current camera to increase exposure. that's why all the light parts of the image are blown out. try to look for it and return it to neutral or if it is in neutral setting - set it to negative value.
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I didn't notice which camera you had but on mine if the first shot came out whith too much flash on the face i would dial down the flash intensity and take another shot, it is a pain but since I cannot add a flash with bouncing abilities that is the way without spending a few thousand dollars for a dSLR flash and decent lens.

When you get the hang of your camera, you will for sure want a dslr.
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