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I am having trouble deciding on a new compact digital camera since my
pentax s4i had itself an accident I would very much appreciate some advice.

I would the like the camera to be compact/ultra compact.
The camera will be used only for holidays, parties, nights out, trips, events i.e. -
not serious or daily use.
Any digital camera I have used, I always used the 'auto' settings
(more due to lack of knowledge, and due to the fact that any photos I took were not planned in advance - I would like to learn though!)

Apart from the compact size, I would like the camera to have quick startup, and be quick to
take a picture. Good night/low light photos would be useful, I found my pentax seemed to produce blurry photos in low light conditions.

Battery life is important, I want one that can be recharged either by removing the battery or placing the camera in a cradle. Def lithium ion type battery.

minor requirements - optical zoom, video size and quality. I also liked the pentax because it appeared as an external hard drive when connected to my computer, I didnt have to install
any third party software. Use of SD cards is preferred as I have one from my Pentax, but not a major requirement since cards are cheap enough these days

Budget - is really no more than £150 (roughly $300).

Here are my considerations:

Fuji Finepix F30 - good reviews, but looked at it in the shop and it was quite big..supposed to be good for photos in darker environments?

sony cyber-shot w50 - good reviews, but does it take SD cards? Perhaps a w30 would suffice?

canon ixus i7 - looks like this is out of my price range

Casio EXZ700 - not sure on this, looks nice, is the EX Z70SR a cheaper choice?

Casio EXZ70-SR

Samsung digimax i6 - seems to have a lot of bells and whistles, but does the camera photo quality suffer?

Canon Ixus 60 - no nothing about this camera

Would you be able to help me narrow down these options?

If there are other suggestions that I have missed, please feel free to include these too.
Thanks for any opinions and suggestions.


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You might want to check rankings here:

I like the F30, but it isn't quite an "ultracompact". When I was shopping I was comparing more to a bit larger models like the Canon A540. The F30 gave me the manual controls I wanted, the high ISO performance, and is small enough to fit in my pocket (though not as ultra compact as some of the Canon or Casio models you're looking at). Battery life is good, and you can recharge it in the camera by plugging in a cord (though it's not actually a dock). Takes xD cards not SD.

I'm not sure how most of the Canon Ixus model numbers match up with their US models. I know the SD630 is the Ixus 65. They're generally top quality, with both good image quality and convenience/ease of use. If you want to sacrifice a bit of Fuji's high ISO perfromance for smaller and more convenient, they're a good choice (still better than most of the competition at high ISOs.).

The Sonys are comparable to Canon, but use their own memory card format. Prices may be a bit better than a comparable Canon though, so even if the card is a bit more, it can be worth it if you are a one or two card person like me.

The Casios sacrifice a bit more in image quality, but can deliver more bang for the buck in the ultra compact market in price, convenience, and features/performance. Casios are very popular in this market segment.

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Thanks for your reply. The link was interesting.

Its a tough choice, the F30 seems to be the best camera from reviews, but its size and looks just dont do it for me (am I that shallow?!).

I really like the size of the sony w30/w50 but the size and looks of the casio impress me also.

I think I have to decide if I want something that I can manually change the settings (ISO/white balance etc) or something just on auto point and shoot (which I have always done..)

Not easy.. I will take a trip into the shops tomorrow and have a look at the cameras in person, perhaps it will help if I can have a proper look at them..


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