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I'm looking for a new Camera.
I have a Olympus D-540 zoom... I got it about 3 years ago
I'm looking for something a little more advanced...

I take alot of snapshots of just friends hanging out
But I also do alot of posed personal shots...
My biggest problem with the Camera I have now is it's really slow
it takes a good 6 or 7 seconds after I've pressed the shutter button to actually take the picture....

I'll admit that I don't know alot about camera's but I'm willing to do a little bit of work to know more

So I'm looking for something with a face response speed
An optical zoom
Pricing range $250 -$300

So any Ideas???

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That doesn't sound right... Are you sure the camera was turned on (it may take about that long to go through it's startup routines).

It should only take around 1 second for Autofocus (not 6 or 7) before it takes a picture after you press the shutter button, if it's already turned on and started up (unless it's "asleep" and needs to restart again).

There is a probably setup option for how long it takes to go to sleep (sort of a standby mode). But, if it's awake (fully started), it should only take around 1 second to Autofocus and take a photo after you depress the shutter button.

The time between photos may be much longer (especially indoors, because the flash needs to recycle, too). 7 seconds would be about right for subsequent images with flash using a D540 due to recycle times. But, the first photo should not take that long. I'd also make sure you don't have the self timer turned on.

If you read through the review of your camera here, you can see more about it's features. BTW, Steve usually dicusses things like startup time, autofocus speed and reliability, cycle time between photos (which is slow with your camera), flash recycle times and more performance related issues in each reviews conclusion section.

A review's conclusion section is the last page before the sample photos in each review. Here it is for your Olympus:


When shopping for a new camera, a good place to start is the Best Cameras List. These models are deemed to be a good value within their market niche. Make sure to see the review conclusion sections for performance related discussion:


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