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I received the Canon digital A530 for Christmas. This is my first digital camera. From what I understand, Canons are generally always a good way to go when buying digital.

I really liked the camera except Iwas disappointed with the flash recharge time and also with how long I have to wait between pictures. I have young kids and so it's been difficult to get a picture of them. The first one is no good and then by the time the flash is recharged, the moment is over and I don't get a second chance.

I found out through this forum that getting a camera that uses 4 AAs instead of two will improve the situation. The A630 was recommended. Unfortunately in Canada it's quite a bit more expensive than the A530... but I've been watching the sales hoping that its price will drop. I found a great sale where it was $100 off, but that's still $100 to $150 more than the A530 is now selling for. I wasn't able to find a A610 or A620.. I wonder if they might have been less expensive. I don't need the extra mp that the A630 provides (8 vs. 5 in the 530) but it seems the only way to have a faster flash recycle time. The A530 seems to be dropping in price, leading me to wonder if Canon will come out with something new this year in the same price range with perhaps 4 batteries.

In researching this in stores, I've had the ELPH SD600 recommended. Some say it will have an even faster recharge time because of its special battery. I know not everyone likes this special battery (vs AAs). Costco is selling this camera for $10 less than the A630 that I found on sale and it includes an extra battery. I wonder if the fact that it has two batteries will make it less of an issue that it doesn't use AAs. I've heard some say that these little cameras are too little to use well... but that they are conveniently compact.

Does anyone agree that cameras with the special battery will be even faster than the four AA ones?

How do these cameras compare in general? Am I better off with the A630? Other than size and obvious megapixels and zoom, I don't know how to compare them. I think the 4x zoom of the A630 seems like a good idea. Should I be considering yet another camera altogether?

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