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Hi All,

Have just got back form 4 months in Central & South America and I really want to get a compact waterproof camera as there were so many really cool places I just couldn't take my minolta 5d.

Just to make things clear I am not looking for a camera with a waterproof housing, as the purpose of this camera is to be a cheap P&S I can take to a pub and perhaps go snorkeling/caving with from time to time. Basically a cheap(ish) second camera I can take on some light adventure sport activities where my SLR can't go.

From what I can find this seems to limit me to the Pentax w20 or the Olympus MJU 725SW. The waterproof and shockproof capabilities of the Olympus sound ideal, but from what I can find it has an ordinary battery life (limited to around 100 shots off a full charge) and color reproduction and movie mode leave a lot to be desired. The w20 on the otherhand is not quite as robust, but seems to be an all over more balanced camera with good picture quality and decent movie mode. I am currently leaning toward the Pentax w20 and the only thing making me nervous about it is I've seen a lot of complaints about after sales service.

If anyone has used either or both of these cameras in the "wild" I'd love to here your opinions.

Thanks very much!

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I bought the OptioW20 - soon testing in RedSea :-)

There are also [click-->] Olympus 725 (waterproof 5m), [click-->] Olympus 770 (waterproof 10m), but higher price.

3 colors :-)

I think, 1.5m (OptioW20) for snorkeling are enough:-}

Non-underwater-picture with Optio W20

Picture, taken with OptioW20, manual focussing

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While it is somewhat limited, you should probably take a good look at the Pentax w-20 camera to cover your waterproof needs.

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