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You should not feel badly at all. The Panasonic FZ-7 has received great reviews and is a very capable of excellent photos. You have no doubt seen the example photos that I have posted in this thread.

I am guessing that your friend most probably has a DSLR camera. Keep in mind that a DSLR is something like an investment program. Yes, it is fast in its operation, but the expense of a DSLR camera just BEGINS with the initial camera puchase. Most folks are not 100% happy with the performance of the lens that came with the camera. So the buying begins. Most DSLR buyers own 2 or more lenses. DSLR lenses are not inexpensive. They begin around about $300 (which, by the way, is more than you paid for your FZ-7) and the lens price continue up well over $1,000.00. A DSLR lens that would equal the Leica Lens that you have on your FZ-7 would cost at least $500.00.

So it is unfair to directly compare a point & shoot ultra zoomcamera with aDSLR camera. They are apples and oranges, just different. You have an excellent camera at a one time, minimal cost than meet your needs and expectations nicely.

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Thank you again, Sarah.

I feel alot better about the decision. With the difference in price of the Canon S3 I bought a 2gb high speed SD card, an extended warranty, and a set of two rechargeable batteries. I think I got a great camera and a nice set up forabout $350.00 whichis I was expecting to spend just for the Canon S3.

Besides, this camera is just a step up from a simple point and shoot in an attempt to learn about shutter, aperature, and all the other types of functions I want to master before I delve into the DSLR market. I figure in another year or two they will be even more affordable and hopefully by then I'll be ready to take the plunge. I know I'll find lots of great advice on what to buy from this site. This site was essentialin my decision to go with the Pany.

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