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Welp my Canon A610 was stolen , I liked it alot! But since it was stolen I decided to up the quality on my next camera.
Ive been searching here, and all over the net and narrowed it down to these
based on quality and pricing.

Canon S2-IS, Canon S3-IS, Sony H2, Sony H5, Kodak Z-612, Panasonic DMC-FZ7,

there is alot to it but overall I am a poor mofo so price has to be an issue with me.

Overall I think a cheap S2 would have been perfect but they are no more around here.

The S3 is nice but the most expensive of the bunch behind the H5 that is.

Ive had Canon of course , my A610 , it was nice but I also had a Sony years ago,

This one....

It was very nice.

So overall I think I am sticking with what I know and the H2 seems to be the best
value in a point and shoot in this quality range.

I can get one for $270 with 1gb free memory.

My next choice would be a S3-IS , and I can get it for just $60 more and also the free

I think if I found and H5 for $270 ish id go that route but that aint likely gonna happen.

I guess id like to know what the H2 and S3 are gonna have weaknesses with.

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Anyone? The main think id like to have some feedback on is the following.....

I guess id like to know what the H2 and S3 are gonna have weaknesses with.

Thank you!!
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The H2 and S3 are both going to have the same weakness that your A610 had...poor low light performance. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick the H2, primarily because it is a little better in the low light department. I have used both the S2 and the H1, and both were good cams, but they both failed the available light test (for me). I understand the budget thing, but if taking pics in low light, without flash, appeals to you in the least, you should consider the Fuji S6000FD. Take a look at these comparisons:



Besides the low light capability, the S6000 has a lot of other good features, such as manual zoom ring and manual focus ring, a wider angle lens (28mm vs. 36mm), and a larger higher resolution LCD. There's a $50 rebate on it now, and you can pick one up for as low as $319 (after rebate).

If it has to be between the S3 and the H2...I would go with the Sony.

Good luck with your choice.

the Hun

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Has provided an excellent analysis of the S-2 and the H-2, as well as a good recommendation of the Fuji S-6000fd, which is an excellent camera.

The H-2 and H-5 I have found in actual use, thanks to their IS are very useable in low light level conditions without flash, when set at ISO 400. That seems to be a "sweet spot" for them. The difference between the H-2 and the H-5 is that the H-2 has 6mp and the H-5 has 7.2mp and a 3 inch LCD which is excellent.

I have attached a sample photo taken handheld with existing light/no flash at ISO 400. It was taken with my H-5.

Attached Images
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these are some great offers iv'e incountered for the z-612 :

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Before you decide, check these out:



Something to think about.

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