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The Canon:
Wide angle 28mm lens
Zoom while filming?
SD cards (cheaper)
sharpness an issue?

The Sony:
More compact design
3- inch touch screen (is this an advantage)?
Lack of optical viewfinder.
zoom while filming?
sharper images (look here: http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM)
redeye issue?

I'm no expert. I just want a camera to take family pictures that look very good.

Thanks for your comments!

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The lack of optical viewfinder is not as bad as you might think - you get used to it. The only thing might be that battery life can't be preserved by shutting off the screen. The T50 is far better than the other T-series of Sony due to the much better flash. it is also much lighter than the SD.

The Wide-angle is nice but ask yourself how often you'll use it.
SD's also have barrel distortion.
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Don't mean to hijack your post, but I'm trying to make a similar decision, and there seem to be too many posts on similar issues, so rather than add another, I'm jumping on yours :-).

I'm looking for a new digicam (duh). We've been using a Minolta F300 for several years and it's time for an upgrade. It will be used mostly for indoor pictures of the kids and outdoor scenery. I was seriously considering a DSLR, but due to the size, I think I wouldn't always want to lug it around, so it wouldn't get used as much as a nice compact model. Honestly the camera will probably spend most of its life in auto mode as a point-and-shoot, so manual controls are not a real priority.

Things that are important are:
  • photo quality [/*]
  • shutter lag [/*]
  • cycle time [/*]
  • battery life [/*]
  • size [/*]
I don't need an extreme amount of megapixels because we never print anything larger than 8x10, usually smaller (4x6). Not too concerned about price either.

I thought the Canon SD800is was the answer. It looks great on paper, but I have read opinions that are less than flattering. Issues about low light scenarios without flash and comparisons that indicate the SD700 often yeilds better results. There are also many positive reviews. I'm not sure what to believe.

So far I'm considering the SD700IS, SD800IS, Sony DSC-W100 and DSC-N2.

I like the idea of the IS feature on the Canons. We frequently get blurred pics in low light coinditions, and I think this would help to remedy some of those. It also seems (from the lmited samples I've seen) that the Canons may have more accurate color (skin tones in particular). I don't know that I necessarily need 10MP or a touchscreen, but the N2 appears to take quality photos (better than the W100???). I suppose I should also list the T50. I don't need it to be that small, but again theSteady Shot may be a nice addition.

So, based on the above, can anyone help me out with a recommendation? Are there any other models I should be considering?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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