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Ok guys, so heres how it is. I am going to Europe this summer and will be seeing alot of different landscapes, different monuments, LOTS of World War II sites, etc etc. I want a camera that will take REALLY good sharp quality images, while keeping a good high resolution. I dont mind if it's a large camera. I would like to get a DSLR, but someone said those cameras are hard to use and hard to take pictures with, could someone explain that for me? I really wanted to get the Rebel XT, and I can afford that camera right now. It comes with the standard lens 18 - 55. Will this camera do a good job for what I will be using it for? Or should I get something else.

If someone could help me, with regard that I am still pretty new to all of this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks much guys.
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The Canon XT and the even newer Nikon D-40 are among the consumer level DSLR cameras that are particularly designed for users transitioning from point and shoot cameras to DSLR cameras. The have an auto position as well as scene mode and all those features that you are used to having.

The transition to a consumer level DSLR camera should not be difficult at all. Steve just completed his Nikon D-40 review and here is a link to it.


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If you are going to be looking at dSLRs, also consider the Pentax K100D - I once gavemine to my husband, who has never owned a camera in his life, told him how to turn it on and where the shutter release was and he happily took pictures of a stopped LA freeway while I was driving. Most of his pictures were quite good! I wouldn't be scared off by any of the entry level dSLR cameras - they all have auto modes that will make the camera a lot like an advanced p&s.

No matter what camera you get, buy it sooner rather than later - any camera has its peculiarities and its always a good idea to get thoroughly familiar with it before your trip. It would be really sad to get over there and discover that your brand new camera has some quirk that you don't understand and that frustrates you.

The kit lens (no matter what you get) will work quite well for many sightseeing situations, however they aren't very long. I personally like to have a longer telephoto lens, so you might think about picking up a lightweight zoom (50-200 or the like) to go with the kit lens. On the other hand, if you prefer wider angle photography (something you'll use all the time for architecture etc.), then the kit lens could be the only lens you need.
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Awesome. Oh and can you guys answer something else for me? I was looking at this Nikon D40, and it looks like a good camera, checked it out at Ritz Camera. Well I found it for 319 dollars at this one website. Is this possible? Is there some scam to it or something? Here is a link -


Would you guys buy that there? I mean that's a great price...
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sounds like a good price. however the link you sent is not ritz camera. also make sure its a new camera and not factory refurb or open box. i guess its a chance you have to take if you dont buy in-store. i was lucky to fing a fab deal on an fz20 for under 300 bucks.
have a exciting trip.
click click and then some more, and then share in here.
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I just found out that that link to that store is a bad one. The store has screwed many people over almost all of the time...so ya not goin with them..
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Whatever you buy, get it now and practice, practice, practice, especially the holding of the camera steady at slower shutter speeds. No doubt, you will be going tosome places at timeswhere the light levels will below tovery low, so you'll need to be able to hold your equipmentsteady to get sharp images due to slower than usual shutter speeds. Here is a folder of images from last year I took while in Paris. Use them to get yourself motivated- my girlfriend was very disappointed in many images she took with her little point & shoot digicam in places where the light was not very good, so I think you are makingthe rightdecision for a type trip that can be an experience of a lifetime. Check out the exposure-related information in the lower lit images if you think you'll be going to places like those.


I am going to make only one suggestion regarding lenses after having been there myself.....buy the widest lens you can afford. A wide angle lens will be much more important for this trip thanany tele-zoom you might consider purchasing.If I were going to Europe with a Canon body like the Digital RebelI would not go without a lens like the 10-22 EFS. Streets are narrow, many places are confined, and the last thing I would havewanted to come back from Paris with would have been a ton of images where I had to try and stitch things together into long, narrow strips of images thatI could not thenprint on normal paperother than something like a3x10 print.
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MikeTarr wrote:
... I want a camera that will take REALLY good sharp quality images, ...
If you are serious about that, you should also pack a tripod with you. That will probably do as much for the sharpness of the images as anything to do with the choice of camera.

In case you missed it in the other posts, get the camera real soon so you become very familiar with it before your trip.
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Keep in mind that in Italy (if you are going there) you're not a allowed a tripod so a camera that is great indoors will be helpful. IS would be helpful too. Just remember: if you're not allowed a tripod...improvise!
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No matter what you do make sure you have "Plenty" of memory storage for your camera and the proper electrical adaptors to charge your camera batteries. It does no good to have the best camera out there if you don't have the memory space to put the images. I would strongly suggest a 4GB memory card to get you through the day and a wolverine or similar memory card storage device of 40 to 60GB to hold all your imags till you get back home (40 to 60GB should last you a month). If your gonna have your laptop with you, you can cary a memory card reader and burn the images to CDs or DVDs while your there...... Just make sure whatever solution you go with that you have plenty of room to put your images somewhere while your on the road be it an external laptop hard drive, laptop internal drive, memory card storage device, CDs/DVDs or extra memory cards.


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