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Pentax *ist DS, is this a good starting dslr..i just found it thru pricegraber for 318 just body but i can get the 20-300mm lens and be ok for a while...
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I'm not familiar with the Pentax *ist DS, I have the D50.

Anyways, you have mentioned you want to spend around $600. You should check out Cameta for packages. They sell new and used camera and lenses packaged together, and sometimes they have stuff for around $600. I just saw a used D50 with new two Tamron lenses for around $600 after shipping, it also comes with a memory card. If your budget is $700, you'll probably find better lens, and more option. But also, consider the total cost, if you include bag, sensor cleaners, etc. Cameta changes their listing daily, so check them often.

D50 with Tamron lenses

D50's at Cameta

D40's at Cameta

D50's at completephotousa:
I've never used them, but they seem legit. They have decent D50 packages:

Good Luck!

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I used to own the Pentax *ist DS. It is a pretty good camera.

Just make sure that you get the camera from a reputable place. I see $338 as the lowest price for the *ist DS body only on pricegrabber. Make sure you check reseller ratings on whatever place you buy from.

Cameta is not a bad place to buy from either.
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The *istDs wouldn't be a bad choice. Also keep in mind the K110D is only about $445 and there's a $50 rebate available from Pentax.

I think your best bet might be the D50 with the 2 Tamron lenses from Cameta. They're selling factory demo models. The D50 is apparently being discontinued and they have quite a few of these in auctions. These will be in like new condition, having been checked out by Nikon before being sent to Cameta.You can likely get a bit lower than the buy it now price if you watch some auctions.


The 70-300 Tamron zoom in that kit will actually likely be a bit sharper than the 28-300 you are looking at spending more money on. You pay more in dollars and quality for the convenience of not having to change lenses with those all in one zooms.

Both of those lenses were just tested here:

They don't have the writeup yet for the 28-300, but the "blur index" looks pretty ugly by 200mm. The 70-300 looks like it's at least pretty good through 180mm and still usable at 300mm, plus with less problems with chromatic aberration.

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