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What qould be the best camera for taking quality pics in strictly auto mode with a high zoom such as 10x or 12x? I am trying to learn the H5 but find in trying to switch modes and other settings on the run as certainly inconvenient and almost difficult. I would like to see the H5 have a switch to turn on tele or go back to micro and change the ISO with another switch or button.
But mostly I would like to know the best cam to buy for auto mode with a high zoom.

Why doesn't the cam manufacturer (s) make a fully auto mode with wide to tele(likeH5) only and leave off the other features like SPAM (sorry to use that word but not the same kind of spam as on the pc)-shutter-program-aperature-manual.Not everyone wants to mess around with all that "stuff". To each his own-no insult intended toward the real cam buffs.

There must be a huge market out there for this. Bet there are lots who buy cams with all the bells and whistles and then only use auto mode!

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I know Canon and Kodak have good "Auto" modes, because I've owned them. Inthese types of cameras you'll still have all the other manual settings because a lot of the customers ask for them. The good thing is that you can just leave it on Auto and take nice pictures.

I don't know the H5 but I'm surprised it doesn't have an Auto mode where you can just set it and forget it. Even a lot of the digital SLRs have that mode these days.

Think of it this way...all those manual settings you don't want to use will increase the value of the camera when you sell it on ebay to buy your next camera.

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The Sony H-5 does indeed have an "Auto" Mode. And it really does do a good job. Of course, it does an even better job with photos,in the P for Program mode. In large part, it is a matter of really learning all the "in & outs" of the Sony H-5 camera.

All in all, it is a very capable camera and can produce really GREAT photos. For example, please take a look at this H-5 no flash, hand held photo.

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