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This is anand and iam living in australia. Iam in a idea of buying a DSLR and iam also using one Film SLR and Kodak Z7590 digital. Iam really confused in getting a DSLR because there are lot of models around the market. Some say Sony and some say canon since they are leading in DSLR.

Pls make a clear idea which of these two camera`s is best and worth for money?

Canon EOS 400D vs Sony Aplha .

Iread all specifications of these two cams and cant able to get a decision. Pls make me clear which one to buy.

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Between these two, the Canon is easily the winner IMO. The only thing sony has going for it is the in-body anti-shake. But, the Canon wins out in just about every other regard. Not the least of which is availability of lenses. The Canon system is also stable while Sony is new to the DSLR market. They have a huge up-side as they have mass marketing and R&D dollars. But, the DSLR market is very competitive so there is no guarantee Sony will stay for the long haul (they say they will, but that may change if they can't capture the market share they want). The alpha was a highly touted camera when it came out. Since then Pentax, Nikon and Canon have all come out with new models - all of which seem more highly regarded both by interenet and print reviews. I would go with the Canon because I think it's the better camera and because of the stability of the Canon system.

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I agree strongly with JohnG.

While I personally like and use various Sony cameras, the Canon 400D beats the Alpha any day ... in my opinion and experience.
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How much do you value antishake? That is the biggest single difference between them.

The argument about lens/flash avialability for the Canon is valid *IF* you can lay out US$500 to $5,000 many times without blinking. Otherwise all of those Canon lenses serve no purpose to you except to induce drool when looking at a catalog.
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I see no advantage in image quality one way or the other here before ISO 1600, where Canon is a bit better. The A100 has the advantage in handling and features, including Shake reduction, a battery that's twice as strong, and a bit more comfotable to operate.

But, while I feel the A100 is the better body, for the differences, I'd just as soon have access to that Canon L glass. And I'd really only need to lay out $570 for one Canon 70-400 f4L lens for that to matter to me.

But it's a good idea to check out both lens lineups before making a decision as to which has what suits you. There's probably more differences in the lenses than in the cameras.

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Canon XTI vs Orchids

Attached Images
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That a great photo! I really like the backlighting effect. Well done!

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I would look into the pricing and choice of lenses. YES L glass is great but only if you have the money to buy it. Prices in the US may differ greatly to other places in the world and so will availability.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"If you are coming from z7590 you are bound to have access to some nice zoom power.(i came from a z740 and 18-55mm just wasn't enough for me )I would opt for the a100 in case you want to buya cheap x-300mm and want todo handheld at 300mm the SSS would help you there. ( the budget solution )
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I decided on the Alpha because of the anti shake and the general feel of the 2 cameras. the Sony seemed to fit my hands better. I also liked the lens that came with the kit since it has a little more zoom and felt a little more substantial. the ability to buy cheaper glass and have it stabilized was an important factor since i am not a pro and did not want to get a divorce. My 2nd lens will be a longer zoom in the $200 range. When I read the reviews of the cheap Canon zoom and picked it up it was like a cheap toy. If I had the $ to buy the good glass I might have chosen the Canon for its better low light performance. I have been more than pleased with the prints I have made with the Sony. The colors and definition are really stunning. C. W.
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i hear you!! It was hard enough to convince my wife that you needed a camera beyond the 200$ mark.... Wow wouldn't like topresent L glass prices......
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