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mtclimber wrote:
Now here is the hooker: Because they are Nikon Lenses, when I go to sell them, I can astually get a better price for them on the used lens market.
Have you checked the used prices on Pentax lenses lately? I "churn" through lenses as I'm figuring out what I want, and nearly every lens I sell on ebay for more than I paid for it a few months earlier. Granted, I think this is a somewhat temporary occurance due to the popularity of the new Pentax dSLRs, but Pentax lenses in general are considered by many to be as good as any of the others out there.


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Thanks a lot, Russ-

I have more than a few Pentax lenses that I should get on to the market.

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mtngal wrote:
Just out of curiousity, do you have a big reason for wanting a 10 mp camera, or is there another reason why you are considering these cameras.
I suppose the quick answer is that I'm naive enough to believe that more pixels = better pics. OK not really as simple as that. One of the things that I have really missed is the ability to produce posters from those photos that I look at and go "Wow!" So it's partly a case of the more pixels available the bigger the poster I can produce. I currently have a 4Mp compact and decided the time was right to get a new camera. But I was absolutely fed up with the measly 3x zoom available on most camera, hence the initial thoughts about the Fuji S9600. But then you start to investigate and the joys of the dSLR quickly become very apparent; especially the low noise - I do love taking shots in poor light. So I figure if I'm going to spend a lot of money I would prefer to get a decent number of Mp and 6 just didn't sound enough; and once you look at 8 then getting 10 doesn't seem to cost that much more. :-)

I did consider an 8Mp plus good lens but that was still more than I could afford (it's tough being poor!!!) hence my current dilemma.

As for old lenses I only have a 7 year old Sigma 28-200mm with a Pentax mount which probably isn't any better than a modern kit lens.

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OK - printing posters and doing serious crops are good reasons for going with 10 mp.

Your Sigma lens would have the advantage of having greater reach than the kit lens (which only goes to 55mm) - if you decide on the Samsung then you wouldn't have to buy a longer zoom right away, you could use the Sigma at leasttemporarily. That's more or less what I did - I have an old Kiron 80-200 that I used until I could afford something else (the Kiron has oil on the aperture blades and only shoots reliably wide open). I'm sure your Sigma is in better shape than that. Anyway, one more thing to add to the equation.
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