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I'm faced with a dilemma of the Nikon D70 and D80, the Pentx K10 or the EOS 400.

I'm leaning towards the Nikon (on price more than anything and lens quality), but stop me if I'm making a big mistake. Also, if I do go for the D80, is this worth the extra £200/$400 more than the D70?

I'm pretty new to the photography world and have no old lenses to bring 'with me' onto my new camera. I'm looking for an 'all-rounder' camera really as I have no particular area of photography I want to speciailsie in.

Guess it comes down to which brand would suit someone like me?
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All of these cameras take excellent pictures, all of them would suit someone like you. Each one has a little something that it does differently than the other, but from the sounds of it, the minor differences wouldn't make a difference. One of the biggest difference between the Pentax vs. the other two is how they handle image stabilization. Pentax has anti-shake built into the camera body while Canon and Nikon have it in specific lenses. If you are on a budget and care about ISthe Pentax might be better because all lenses are stabilized - with Nikon and Canon you would have to buy more expensive lenses to get stabilization. That may or may not be important to you - IS isn't the end-all or a guarantee someone with steady shooting skills will get better pictures. While IS is important to me (I'm not as steady as I once was), ergonomics are far more important.

Itreally comes down more to which camera fits your hands better. Go to a camera store and handle all of these cameras. Are your hands small or large? Can you reach all the controls comfortably? Does one seem too heavy or too light? Do you just like one better than another? The best camera in the world won't take good pictures if it is sitting in your closet because you don't like handling it.
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Previous post sums it up nicely!

I would also like to add that these cameras will soon become outmoded by the next model and so on.

Decide on what suits you best in how it feels and where the controls are for what you need.

Pentax, Nikon, Canon and Olympus are all good. It is just a matter of what suits your needs and then the wants become another story.
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This is a decision that a lot of folks are dealing with almost daily. The posts thus far in this threadhave done a great job in summing up your choice options in a DSLR camera.

Keep in mind that you are, in the broadest sense, selecting a system with your decision. You also should keep in mind that the lenses that you select will hold their value a lot better than the DSLR body. You may change DSLR bodies several times while still using the same selection of lenses.

Initially I went with the D-70 as my choice. After selling my D-70, today I am shooting with a D-50 and a D-40. Both cameras are excellent. Buying up to the D-80 is your choice, however, be sure, in your mind, that the cost to buy-upwards is worth it to you.

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Agree with all of the above.

It is worth noting that if you walk into the typical camera shop for hardware support (ie lenses, flash etc), it is likely that their shelf stockwill be Nikon & Canon stuff but not much else, it may change as Pentax becomes more popular (again!).
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Well I resently done just that
I went to a camera shop
and held the D80 D40 and XTi
now I have a a fairly big hand 10in spread
I can pawm a basketball.
the D80 felt great
the D40 was much smaller but useable
the Xti was a little bigger than the D40 also useable
but it seemed to weight less

Canon focus rings are on the end of the lens
Nikon are near the base

they didnt have a D70s to check out, also they didnt have a D70 or D50
as they are out of production

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Only one I have personal experience with is the Pentax K10D, and I have been very happy with it, and it frequently surprises me very pleasantly.

Last camera was an original C Rebel (300D)
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I was in the same situation as you are just under a month ago. I reviewed the same cameras you are looking at right now and again just like you, I asked for the help of these good people on this site.
I can tell you that after looking at review after review for about a month, my final decision came down to going to the camera shop, picking up each camera, feeling the build quality of each, and of course, deciding on which was the right price for my wallet.
I purchased a Pentax K10D. I liked the built in IS since I don't have to pay more for IS in every lens, I liked the 72 weather seals, and the dust reduction system, along with the camera being very solid, but that was my choice. The cameras you are looking at are all excellent cameras and I think you'd be happy with any of them. If you're not in a hurry, the rumor has it that some new cameras will be released by the major companies by the end of March. Good luck and be sure to let us know what you purchase.

Jay D
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TechJD wrote:
. . . the D80 felt great . . .

Now the more important decision, which lens? Luckly, their are many GREAT choices. Selection should be based on intended use.

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The K10D is a monster. If you have Shaq hands you'll love it.

Oh, in addition to IS, it is weather and dust resistant (like a pro camera). 72 different dust and weather o-rings to keep mother nature out.
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