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So I am upgrading my Canon SD110. I have narrowed it down to these two fine cameras, The SD600 and the SD700. I really can't decide which one I should get. My wife and I use the camera mainly for pics of our 5 and 7 year old (and new baby next month). I will occasionally use it to take candid shots of weddings that I video tape. I just can't figure out if the Image Stabilization is worth the extra money.

Pros -

SD600 - Smaller size, smaller price

SD700 - 4x zoom (compared to 3x), Image Stablization

Cons -

SD600 - Smaller zoom, lacks Image Stablization

SD700 - Slightly larger, costs about $80 more than the SD600

Please help me make my mind up. Is the IS worth it for the price and size difference?

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To go with IS, or Image Stabilization is a personal choice. Many. many folks feel that it is essential. It does not stop action within your photo, rather it stabilizes the camera so that you can take good photos at slower shutter speeds without bluring.

If you have found blurring to be a problem in your photos, then it might be worth the extra expenditure. However, it you always take photos in excellent lighting conditions, you will have to decide if it is needed.

Personally, I like IS and think that it in the long term it is a valuable technology and it does improve my photos. However, you may feel differently.

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it really comes to money as the SD700 is expensive. It will be obsolete soon i hear, as the SD800 is the preferred choice.

Get the SD600 if you want to save money. Get the SD700/800 if image blur is common with your shots. It's funny. Good technique like holdiing the camera properly, will reduce camera shake! But if your hands are not too steady, IS is a real good investment.
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