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Given that I am using a "old" camera would the noise issues of the newer super zoom cameras be that noticeable to me?
Primarily I shoot family candids and scenery shots on the property I manage. When wildlife comes along it would be nice to have the extra zoom capacity of the Fuji S9100 or the FZ30/50 models.
Video isn't a big concern since I am still (happily) using my trusty TRV-320 D8 Sony. But here's something I have noticed about shooting video: People seem to cover up when I bring out the video camera but will be a bit looser when I have my S414 out. Since they don't realize the S414 has (horrid quality though) video most folks think I am just composing a shot and are more relaxed. Makes for some interesting videos. But I digress.
Anyone have a personal comparison from using a Minolta S414 and then jumping up to a newer super zoom?
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I used to own the S-414 myself and now I am shooting with a variety of cameras, including the super zooms. If video clips are a big priority, then I would take a look at the Canon S-2 or S-3. However, there are other ultra zooms like the Sony twins, the H-2 (6mp with a 2" LCD Screen), and the H-5 (7.2mp with a 3" LCD screen) that do much better than the Canon S-2 and S-3 in low light level/no flashshooting environments.

Finally there is the Panasonic FZ-7 and excellent camera outdoors, but a camera that begins to show a lot of noise under increased ISO settings. In actual shooting conditions, I have found the FZ-7 tobe very useable in low light level/no flash shooting environments as long as you restrict the ISO setting to ISO 200 and below.

I will attach a few sample photos for you as well. As a Digital Camera Instructor, I have plenty of those.

And finally we have a Canon S-2 sample that was taken at a Bon Jovi Concert, also without flash.

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There are a few things that most of the new superzooms have over your existing cam, namely...a faster startup time, faster pre-focus lag time, a much better video quality, and of course, a lot more zoom range. If you're allergic to noise in your pics (and who isn't?) you might want to make some comparisons before you buy.

Like this one:


If you like the S9500/9000, you might also want to consider the S6000FD:


Try this comparison:


First, select the S6000 from the left side. Then scroll down until hit 'still life 800' - click on it. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Then scroll down to the bottom, by the Crayola crayons, then scroll right until you center on the rectangle with all the colors in it.

Then, select the FZ50 from the right side. Then scroll down until you hit 'still life 800' - no wait...that wouldn't be fair...go back up to 'still life 400' - no wait...go back up to 'still life 200' - click on it...enlarge it..*****oll down, then over to the colored rectangle.

Compare...pretty close, right? Don't forget the difference in ISO settings.

Good luck with your new camera. You haven't bought one yet?

the Hun

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Thanks for the replies and info folks. It is really great to find a forum like this with helpful info.


Things have just (As life will do from time to time) taken an interesting turn. A good friend of mine just upgraded his Canon (300D) Rebel to an XTi model and has offered his old camera as a test subject for myself to try. Boy oh boy! What a piece of hardware this unit is!

His intent is to let me see what a Dslr is all about. After working with this model for just a few hours I am totally head over heels in love with this model! I realize this is an "old" model but compared to my S414 it is like jumping from a cardboard box pinhole unit to a Haaselblad.

While this is just a loaner I can see where this thing could wind up. And let me tell you what, this Rebel is in GREAT shape. My friend is one of those types that really cares for his equipment.

Talk about pleasant dilemmas! I can already hear the conversation going from "How do you like it" to "How much?"

I can see (With proper framing of course) my wifes eyes rolling already. :roll:

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