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I am going round and round on which canon to buy.

I have the A400 and am so disgusted with the lag time between pics.

Plus I like the image stabilization that each of these offers.

Any thoughts as to which one is better than the other?

Any owners care to comment?

you can email me at [email protected]
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IMHO my first choice would be the Canon A-710IS, followed by the SD-700 IS.

You will find the review for the Canon A-710 is at:


You will find the review for the Canon SD-700 IS at:


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I own the Canon SD700 and absolutely love it. I was also stuck to decide which one to choose a few months ago. The Sd800 had just come out so it was quite a bit more expensive than the SD700, that was a small input into why I chose the Sd700.

It is really down to whether you want a wideangle lense or not. I found that I didn't really think it was worth it as I use my old SLR with my wide angle lens if I want to take wide angels (which is really only on holidays for landscapes). What are you going to be using the camera for? If you think you will be using it alot for landscapes and big groups of people than maybe the Sd800 if for you. I have heard that theimage qualityisn't as good asthe Sd700, I'm sure the differance is very small though! Dpreview does seem to be slightly more positive about the Sd700 if you compare the two reviews and final results.

Well I can't really give you a fair review of the Sd800 as I havn't owned it. I'm sure It's a great camera just like the Sd700.

Some things I love about my Sd700 and tips:

- The macro mode! Fantastic!

- I ALWAYS use it on manual mode and put the colour settingto 'vivid', think the results are great.

- Manual options are limmited although it doesn't really matter as it is just a point and shoot camera. You can tweak the exposue (I nearly always have it on -2/3) and use manual white balance which is very useful.

Here is a pic I took in France from the bus window:


Attached Images
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I like the SD800:

But I prefer the wide angle. Not sure it's worth the extra cost though.

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thanks for your help everyone...I have decided on the sd700....now the problem is where to buy...our local circuit city and best buy do not have this model....the prices are very low online but I checked some of the NY businesses on bbb.com and they do not have such good ratings...looks like I will be spending close to $300 instead of around $240 (the less reputable sites)....and the only other places to get it are either amazon.com, dell.com, or buy.com....unless anyone has any other suggestions, I think I will purchase from buy.com...even dell.com didn't get such great reviews....

thanks again...


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I'm Stuck Between The SD700 and the SD900? I Could Get The SD700 For $250 Shipped and The SD900 For $340 Shipped. Not Sure Which One To Go With? :?
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I had the good fortune to be able to try out both the 700 and 800 at the same time. The 700 won hands down. The main thing I remember is that the colors in the 800 shots were not nearly as good as the 700. Outdoors they had a blue hue and indoors they were not "true". I'm not certain if this was that one particular 800 or if all of them would have colors like that.

I do not regret not having the extra wide angle with the 700. I love the camera in all aspects! Great outdoor shots. Very good flash exposure indoors. Very, very happy!!!
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