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Im leaning towards the a630 but the c875 is a lot cheaper. Im buying a new camera this week and still having trouble deciding. Also if you have any other suggestions that would be great. Thanks for responding.

Edit: Zoom range isn't a big factor for me. I want to take creative, artsy pictures and record video on it. I also want a good camera for parties and indoor use. But the main factor for me is picture quality. And I have about $300 to spend on a new camera. I'm also a beginner, but eventually become a photography hobbiest.
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Both the Canon A-630 and the Kodak C-875 are excellent cameras. A lot really depends on what kind of photography you are doing. The C-875 has a bit more zoom, neither camera has IS, or Image Stabilization. If you were doing a lot of handheld, no flash, low light level shooting, IS could be important to you. You mention nothing about how much zoom you are looking for in this new camera? With a bit more information we can do a much better job of helping you.

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Brad, I know there is a large discrepancy in price between the two models, but I would still suggest the Canon over the kodak.

My reasons are as follows:

1) The A630 has a touch more wide angle, but a little less zoom power (although, you did say you weren't after a 'super zoom').

2) The canon's lens lets in more light at maximum zoom than the Kodak's.

3) Shutter speed min/max is lower AND higher, allowing youtofine tune your settingsin manual modes, and allowing the camera to choose a more ideal setting in auto modes.

4) Macro or close-up is much better on the A630.

5) The LCD on the canon is the same size as that on the kodak, AND is able to ROTATE. This allows the user to take perspective shots off the ground, to compose self portrait shots, or to shoot over tall objects: fences, crowds, etc.

6) 6 position white balance, while the kodak has only five.

7) 4 AA batteries instead of 2 (for longer life).

8) extension lenses, bought through local dealers or e-tailers,areavailable to enhance zoom power or wide angle.

9) Canon reliability.

And no i don't own an A630 :G
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