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I have never posted here before but have read some topics and realize what a great resource this forum can be. Here is my problem.

The last two cameras I purchased, I got rid ofbecause I was not happy with the red eye reduction option offered by the Camera. One was a Pentax and the other was the Kodak C875.

I am looking for a small camera, under $300 that I can use to take pictures of my grandchildren. Also would like the camera to use SD media because I have a good collection of 2 gig SD cards. I know a camera like this must exist. But so far my grandkidsall come out with red eyes in the photos.

I really would appreciate any help, comments, advice some of you experts might have to offer. I am a rookie and not an expert so I welcome some wisdom and advice.

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Why not take look at the Canon 710 IS.

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I think that redeye reduction doesn't work as advertised because either the light is not bright enough to make the pupil contract or too bright which makes them blink.


Another way to reduce or eliminate "red eye" in pictures is to move the flash away from the lens. On most small cameras, the flash is only an inch or two away from the lens, so the reflection comes right back into the lens and shows up on the film.

Some cameras flash a few times to help but then people look away after the first flash. Catch 22.
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I'm with pagerboy. Redeye on some cameras works pretty well when the subject is staring strait at you. That just isn't often the case - especiallly with children. I also agree with the strobing red-eye reduction - people don't understand and look away during the shot - and it slows things down quite a bit.

The best option is to get a camera with a hot-shoe and mount an external flash.

The next option is to use post processing to remove redeye.Many software packages offer redeye reduction in their toolkit. Not foolproof. The best redeye reduction I ever used was in paintshop pro - really nice. The worst has to be Photoshop - for a $600 software package you'd think they'd do a better job than they do.
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Thanks to all for the comments and advice. I have noticed that some cameras seem to have the flash go off twice.......is that part the strobing feature you are referring to? How can you really tell if a camera has that feature. I have not seen that in any of the specifications.....Thanks agian

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Check out the Kodak V603. It has a red eye reduction settingfor the flash that removes red eye automatically after the pix is taken. Works great! You can also turn off the preflash while still having the red eye reduction turned on.
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