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Before you buy any cameras, FIRST you should ask yourself what kind of application do you have and what you would like to do with it?

Then you have to think how much your maximum budgetfor it. Because any camera specially the digital one has many hidden costs such as:

1- A memory card with higher capacity such as 256MB, 512MB, or 1 gig.
2- A card reader
3- A case
4-If that camera comes with battery charger then it would be nice, otherwise you have to buy it separately

When you add the costs of above items then might be beyond of your budget.

Now you decide everything. Then where you go to buy?
As you mention you do NOT buy a camera from Argos, or those supermarket that sell everything!! You should buy it from a camera shop who is specialised in handeling them.
I am sure, there are so many of them in your area.

Before you go and buy, you should find the BEST ONE. So go to the following sites and check them out by looking at their full review and even they have facility to compare them side by side. These following website are EXCELLENT in explaining all of the details to you:


Then you should find the righ price. In order to DO that you have to know that ALL of the main photography stores MATCH the prices either with internet shops or in a raduis of few miles around thei shops, and so on. The reason is because they want to compete.
For finding the right prices there are few sites that you could check with them as all of them have a search engines:


Then after you find the cheapest price from 2 or 3 places on the internet, print them out for your documentation to show the sales person.
(Do not forget, before you show the printout to them, ask about the availibility of the camera, otherwise they would lie to you that they do NOT have them once they hear your cheap price !!)

The last not least TIME of buying is very important.

You might ask HOW?

Do NOT forget these main photography shops in order to compete with the intenet sites, and because they have a huge overhead expenses, THEY DO EVERYTHING when there is not many customers around in a shop !!!!!!!!!!!!
SO, the best time to buy would be Sunday morning whenthere is anybody around and the chief of store needs to sell million £/$ at the end of that day.

HOPE all of these info help you to find the best deal of century for you.

Good luck

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So what are the best camera shops in Berkeley/Oakland. I stopped by one well-known store in Montclair yesterday. Their camera selection seemed to be very small. Are the non-internet stores struggling?

BTW. I'm researching my first DSLR now. I'm outgrowing my Canon A95 point and shoot.
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I posted this recently, it's not Berkeley/Oakland area, but close enough. If there are decent ones in Berkeley I'd like to hear about them, since I live closer there.

Keeble @ Shuchat in Palo Alto is probably the largest camera store in the Bay Area. San Jose Camera is also decent, but not as large. In SF, you can always go to Calumet, which is a nationwide chain, I've never been there. I've used Adolph Gasser near downtown SF. But Keeble @ Shuchat is your best bet, though they don't carry Sigma's.


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Thank you very much for those suggestions. I may take a trip to the south bay this weekend to check them out.
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