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I am on the hunt for my first digital camera, but so far have not had great luck searching on my own. I am handicapped, and need a camera with a remote control to push the shutter. It does not need any other controls on the remote, but if they are available it would be an added bonus.

I've been looking at camera reviews to first of all find a respectable camera, but once I dig further find that they don't have any wireless support. I'm hoping to keep my total costs under $350 and to keep the weight at around 1lb or under, if possible, but to still purchase a good camera.

It will be used mainly to take shots of my neices and nephews inside, if this helps. They are young and energetic, so the shots will be of active movement and goofing off.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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Most upper level Canon and Olympus point and shoot cameras used to come with or had an accessory remote shutter release for them. You will have to check the reviews or the Canon and Olympus websites to be sure.

In addition, any of the consumer level DSLR cameras have a remote release as an accessory item.

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I can confirm that. Both my Oly 3040 and later Oly 8080 both came with remotes, maybe that is a starting point for you. It could be later Olympuses also have remotes.
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The old Olympus C2100, a cult camera if there ever was one, had the wireless remote. It's a 2.1 mp camera but some folks seem to get incredible pics with it. I've used one and it worked well in low light situations. They were available, re-furbished or used, on E-Bay. Good luck in your search.

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Hybrid cameras may not be what you're looking for, but some of the Mustek, Aiptek, Hanshing, Panasonic, SVP and most of the Digilife hybrid cameras come with infrared remotes. I know they work, because I've used them. Indoors, they work no matter how the remote and camera are oriented. Outdoors they're somewhat more fussy.

The Digilife DDV-950 (aka DDV-5120a) even has motion detection for video, which makes for an interesting combination with the remote control. You can even play the games on it using the remote. But it has a lousy microphone. Many of these cameras also have video-in ports. And all have mp3 players - with a speaker, and which you can operate with the remote.

Unfortunately their still photo quality can't match that of $350 dsc's, video quality can't match camcorders, and the ones with remotes don't have optical zooms. They do take sufficiently good photos that I've sold some stills taken with them (to support magazine articles, rather than for photo technical quality).

You may also find that video of childern makes for more entrancing memories than stills, even the compressed video taken by these cameras. In general, you may find these multifunction cameras are extremely useful for you. It's just too bad they're outside the North American camera paradigms.

Of the ones actually available, I'd say the SVP HDDV-8800 is the best.

Open the Hybrid List topic and look for cameras with the "RC" code.

If you like the looks of them, there's no shortage of help and advice available on the Hybrid forum.
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Fewer point and shoot cameras are being released with remote capability. You might look at the Pentax T30. The remote is around $20, which will keep the camera plus the remote under $300 online. The T30 also has a touch screen for camera controls that might be of interest to you.

Most IR remotes will not wake a camera that has turned itself off for sleep mode.

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