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Can any one recommend a compact digicam that has a control of aperture and speed in a manual mode as well as the usual point and shoot options.

Its for my father, and as a now retired professional photogrpapher he wants something pocket size but something he can still have good control over if he wants.

Budget £150-£200

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Checkout Steve's Best list:

Several P&S in $200 range now has full Manual, but some have full Manual, Aperture and Shutter priority mode.

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The only pocket camera I know of with full manual controls is the Casio Z850. It has a very good control setup and is also quite configurable. It has an optical viewfinder that is very small but comes in handy. Those left on the market have gotten pricey.

The Canon A series are compact cameras with full manual everything but they won't fit in most pockets. Several are within your budget and they are excellent cameras.

I have insisted my pocket cameras have full manual controls since I went digital. But I will probably drop the requirement for my next camera. Without a hot shoe the main requirement for aperture priority is for getting maximum blur of backgrounds or maximum shutter for action. Most cameras anymore have modes that will do that. I never had much use for shutter priority even back in film SLR days. Full manual is good for night tripod shots but most pocket cameras aren't used on tripods. I usually grab a larger camera to go with a tripod. Manual focus has limited accuracy on a LCD unless the camera has a digital readout of the focus distance. Most don't.

With spot metering and EV shift referring to the live histogram you can handle most lighting without manual controls. I've never used a scene mode, but could probably learn if it was my only way to get background blur or maximum shutter speed. Your dad is probably going to be disappointed in those abilities with a pocket digital camera regardless of whether it has manual controls.

I use the manual controls often on my larger digital cameras. But I find them less than necessary in a pocket camera based on usage.

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I like my Fuji E900 quite a bit. I use manual mode pretty much exclusively, and capture RAW images. This makes ISO800 very useable, since I can edit out a lot of the noise pretty easily. Of course going through RAW files can be a chore, so it's not necessarily a selling point unless he's looing for it. The manual controls are darned easy to use unlike a few other pocket cams I've tried (Sony P200 comes to mind.) The 4x lens is better than the typical pocket cam 3x, and is a bit nicer on the wide end (32mm equiv.)

Of course I've not owned any of the alternatives, so it's hard to say any more.
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