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Well firstly sorry because I know this question has been asked alot!!!

I was just wondering on some advice specifically to do with travel and my choice. I thought I was set on choosing Canon 400D as its cheaper and also lighter. Although then I started looking at lenses. It took me a long time to find a good combination for my travels. (I am going on a gap year for about 8 months) I finially found the Sigma 17-70mmand Canon 70-300mm combination. The price was pretty good and the range was great 17-300mm.

I thought I'd have another look at Nikon D80 as I've always been very attracted to the quality of this camera. Then I found the 18-200 lens. It just looked perfect for my travels. Now I'm all confused again!! Initially I thought the Nikon would be too heavy as the body is quite large but really the Canon with the 2 lenses will be about the same as the Nikon with 1 lens. Then I looked at price and I found that both combinations add up to about 1,500€. This confused me even more....would the Nikon be better value???? The 18-200mmis a smaller range but then again alot more practical as I wont need to keep changing lenses.

Btw this is not a random purchase, I'm very passionate about photography and own alot of old SLR gear at the moment. I really want to make the right choice.I'm really hoping to purchase a great dSLR for my gap yearas I'm planning on going on to study Visual Communications at Uni.

Thankyou, Joyce
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I have the 18-200VR and one of main reason I got it is because I go hiking, and I like the convenience. The only Canon that compares to it is their 17-85 IS USM. I thought the 18-200VR was a better value. Also, I found the size of the Rebel XT (350D) as being too small for my hand, especially when a heavier lens is attached to it. It didn't balance well.

Anyways, I don't think you can go wrong with the 18-200VR. It's true that it's not a fast lens, but if you take flexibility, performance and price, I think it's a good deal.

Sigma has an 18-200 lens that doesn't have stabilization that's available for Canon, Nikon and others. But they've announced they will release one with stabilizer, but it's been months since they announced it and it's not out yet.

Nikon also has a 70-300VR that has received good reviews, if you really want a 300mm end. You can pair it with Nikon's 18-70 (no VR).

Good Luck!

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