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all these are decent cameras, get your dslr and get shooting and posting pics asap! frog, when would you not want a sharp picture, im curious :?
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"when would you not want a sharp picture, im curious"

When you are doing your own postprocessing. That is, you certainly want the lens and sensor to deliver as much real world detail and contrast as they are able. But you don't always want the camera software adding sharpening when you can often do a better job of that yourself if you postprocess in photoshop or similar.

This can also apply also to contrast, saturation, in camera noise reduction, etc. If the camera does too much of it, it can be hard to undo. You can actually lose detail, or accuracy.

And, when it comes to software sharpening, there's always a question of how much is too much. At what point does it start to look unnatural and processed. Many consumer digicams can be considered as producing "oversharpened" results compared to the smoother look of most dSLR cameras. Some of this is a matter of personal preference.

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