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thanks ,

I think I will go with a d40
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For your budget there a number fo really great non-dSLR's that focus down to 1 inch or so. Such as the Fuji mentioned above.

It really depends what it is you are photographing and what quality you need. - you haven't explained in enough detail perhaps. I've even had great macro pictures with a Sanyo Xacti (takes stills as well as video) that has 5MP stills - although it's primarily my video camera ! So ther emay be many cameras out there that would fulfill your requirements, and be easy to use, without putting you over budget.

Do you have any other uses for the camera besides the macro work ?
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Howbig are the actual objects your photographing? Will these photos taken in a controlled environment (tabletop studio), will they be taken at craft shows or does it involve live animals (fish, insects)?

While I'm sure an entry level dSLR can be equiped to do the jobmost$200 and up P & Ss will do the job as well.

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Another thing you might want to ask yourself is how is the subject going to be staged. Is it a fixed object where you can give it good lighting or will you have to use whatever lighting it is outside? This is important because this is where a dSLR would really shine compaired to a PnS digital camera.

Someone already asked this but what is it that you are planing to take pictures of? If you are just taking macro pictures to sell on ebay, than you really don't need to spend $500 on a camera. You can get a really good PnS one for half the price.
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