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Hello Everyone,

I do Photography at my college and am currently using a Sony Cybershot DSC-T9 equivelent (can't remember the exact model name, but it has 5.0 megapixels instead of the T9's 6.0).

Anyway..back on point, i've been studying Photography for near enough a year now and can't help but feel that my camera lets me down an awful lot in picture quality wise...especially when i compare it to some friends DSLRs (EOS 400D) and as i am continuing on to study photography in my 2nd year i want something with a bit more quality so i've decided to splash the cash and buy a DSLR.

So which one should i buy?

I looked at your "Best Cameras" section under the $1000 section and noticed the Sony Alpha 100 is in there but not my friends DSLR, the EOS 400D...

The cameras that i'm currently looking at to purchase are the Sony Alpha 100, Canon EOS 400D and the Samsung GX10 primarily...

So which ones out of these three should i buy or should i be broadening my search and be looking at some other makes etc.?

Many thanks in advance,
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The Canon Rebel XTi is the same camera as the Canon EOS-400D (it's referred to by different model names in different market areas).

Make sure to "test drive" any camera you consider in a store. Some people don't like the ergonomics of the 400D as well.

If I were going to spend much money on a DSLR, I'd probably wait out this next week.

The largest photography trade show of the year is being held March 8 through 11 in Las Vegas, and a number of new model announcements have already been made, and I expect more announcements to be made leading into the show.

Steve has a page dedicated to the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) show here:


I'd also keep an eye on the Breaking News page:


Even if no new models are announced that fit your interests, the market trends demonstrated may help give you a better idea of where the industry is headed and sometimes you see price drops and rebates after a new model is released.

It's less than a week away, and I'd probably wait to see what transpires before ordering a new camera, if for no other reason than to get a better idea of your migration path for upgrades within a given camera manufacturer's lineup.
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Blakey101 wrote:
The cameras that i'm currently looking at to purchase are the Sony Alpha 100, Canon EOS 400D and the Samsung GX10 primarily...
I have been quite happy with my Pentax K10D(=GX10)

You might actually look at the Pentax K10D.... near identical, but ergonomically several differences.

For instance all the function buttons are small and raised.... GX they are all flush nice looking in daylight but damn difficult at night when you can't just brail like feel then out.

Nice to have IS for any lens ever made for Pentax (of course GX too).... and though might have to be used manually, some of the 60's and 70's early Pentax glass is quite spectacular for what it can be picked up for now.... though with the popularity of both the K's they are going fast and for more bucks now.

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