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Basically I want a decent all around P&S camera to replace my Kodak DX3600. Indoor, outdoor, nature, etc. I realize I can't get everything with these (or any) cameras. But this will be something I will be using for everything. Won't have a seperate camera for night shots, etc. And the 3 below are the ones that I think I like the most (based on reviews, etc.).

Canon A540: ~$160
Canon A710IS: ~$260
Kodak Z612: ~$220

After playing with them, I think I like the Canon's the most. I don't really like how they put the zoom function in the front instead of the back, but I am sure I will get used to it.

I was orignally eyeballing the A710, but saw the A540 recently and read how pretty much everyone loves it. The thing is though, is the extra zoom on the A710 (6x instead of 4x) and the IS worth the extra hundred dollars? I'm also adding the Kodak Z612 since the 12x zoom is kind of cool.

Anyhow, if anyone can help me make my decision, I would be appreciative. I am also open to other suggestions.
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I bought the A710 in October last year and I would do so again. The image stabiliser combined with good zoom is worth the extra money. The image quality of the A710 is quite good when compared with other cameras with a tiny 1/2.5" sensor.
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I've had a Z612 since Dec. and am very pleased with it. The auto white balance has done a very good job as have the auto exposure and auto focus. I like the way it tells you what areas it has chosen to make these judgments. While it is true it will show some noise at ISO400 it'sappears to me noworse than using TRI-X, Ektachrome 400 or Kodacolor 400 in a 35mm.

The optical IS has done very well in its intended roll,reducing the effects of camera shake, NOT stopping subject motion. I'm not sure, now, that I'd ever consider a camera without that feature, especially if it had a long telephoto capability.

The zoom on the upper right back on the Z612 is in the same location as my other Kodak digital, the Olympus Stylus digitals we use at work and my wife's Olympus P & S 35s. The only other place that would logical for me would be a ring around the lens itself.

I almost alway use an eye level finder if available because the camera is always steadier if it is up against your face rather holding it 6" to 18" away.

Do handle the cameras. You can't use the control if you can't find it.

Now, if I just had warmer weather and worked fewer hours so I could do more photography I'd be even happier.

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