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Never own an DSLR camera before. Looking to upgrade from a Sony F717. I have read reviews on the 30D and the D200. They are somewhat similiar and need alittle more help in deciding. I take all around picture, sport, wedding landscape, portraits and etc... I know a lot of people would say what you preference but it still hard if you haven't used either camera and there is no photography shop close by. I'm looking for one to keep me satisfied until i can afford better.
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Either camera is capable of excellent results in the right hands. Buying better then the two you mention would take you in the professional priced lines.

You are buying into a system however. Once you've invested in lenses and other accessories it becomes expensive to change brands. Be prepared to spend money to get good quality lenses as that defines image quality more than the camera body. Make sure the brand you invest in has the lenses you will need. Canon and Nikon have excellent lines of lenses under their own brands. There are excellent third party lens lines as well.

Digital cameras have to be viewed as disposable! Only the lenses remain as capital investments with DSLRs as the bodies become obsolete so quickly.
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Have you had a look at the Pentax K10D with their 16-45 Lens yet? Perhaps you could try it out in the shop. Very impressive IMO...

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As Bob Nickol stated, you are buying a system. This is a major purchase. Since you don't have a photography shop close, sounds like you need to take a road trip to a photography shop that is not close. I mean, you wouldn't order a new car with out a test drive would you?

The 30D and the D200 are two fine cameras that shine in some areas and not so much in others when compared side by side. It will depend on what you are looking for in a system.

For road trip day, get to that Photography shop early and plan on spending some time. Do your homework first, on the lenses and accessories you are interested in, even if you can't afford them right now. Which system has the accessories and system equipment you want.

If you want to expand your search then look at Pentax or Sony. Currently their systems are limited but who know what the future may bring.

Take a couple of media cards with you. A good photography shop is going to let you try the cameras out. Use the same type/quality lenses and shoot the same shots. Low light, bright light, wide open, at f11 and at minimum apeture and a few other apetures in between, cars passing by and some static object. Check out the feel of the camera and lenses in your hand. Check out the placement of the controls. Thank them and then take your media cards home and check out the results. If you do not have photoshop CS2 or some other raw format processor then shoot in JPG. Review your shots critically.

Now you are ready to choose the system you want to go with. It sounds like a lot of work, but if you follow this advise I am betting that you will not end up on some forum with a post titled something like "I bought a ******* camera, what do you think." This is what I did and I walked away with Canon after being a life long Nikon film shooter. For my photography the Canon edged out the Nikon, but then that was to MY criteria and should not influence your decision. Good luck.

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Some reason you dont have the PETAX K10Din that equation.....

In factI I choose to leave Canon as the 30D is hardly new in age or capabilities....
And a 40D no where in (even rumored) sight.

In the few months it been out and I have had the Pentax K10D... still frquently surprises me at what it can do, and already two meaningful firmware updates... fixes some minor things but also adding a lot of functional added diversity.

The original Rebel was NEVER in its history updated just the HACKED upgrade giving it much C 10D capabilities, as they shared the same sensor and basic hardware..
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NOTHello Folks!

ALL of you are right, personally as I'm a Minolta fan since I was 13 years old...now I'm circa 64, I own a ample KM/Sony mount lenses, for that sole reason I acquired a 7D body. But as i can understand you are "NEWER"...so my son like Nikon, also mostly of my close friends...I will recommend you go forward for a D-200, But...But as Bob wrote...invest ONLY on the TOP QUALITY & PRICED Nikon lenses...as bodies each year change being cheaper & will give a better performance results. Try NOT to invest on "Third Part" brands...never will be close to originals TOP priced Nikon lenses...Sorry, true; will be very expensive...but you will obtain MOST HIGHLY RESULTS...:P

Good luck,


Alex 007:|
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The thing that stands out between the two cameras you've listed is the Nikon has some degree of weather protection. That Canon does not.

The jump from P&S to the level your talking about is a HUGE one. The cameras mentioned are among the very best available. These cameras from a reputable supplier will run in excess of $1000 for the body only. If someone offers at much less than that amount, be careful as there are scam companies ready to get your credit card number.

Good luck with your choice and either of the bodies listed are nice!
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For me.. the superior Auto ISO, wireless flash capabilities, Auto Contrast, perfect metering, better White Balance, of the NIKON D200, made me sell my Canon stuff and move aboard Nikon..

Other advantages that Nikon has: Better LCD color, better ergonomics, better menus..

I have not looked back. The only things that I do miss about Canon were some great high end lenses. Canon has an amazing variety of 70-200 L lenses and a great 10-22 mm wide angles. At least in the high end, I think Nikon does not that much choice. You are stuck with a big huge expensive $1700 70-200 lens. But then again, Nikon has an amazing 18-200 and 55-200 VR lenses that Canon can only dream about..
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fldspringer wrote:
The thing that stands out between the two cameras you've listed is the Nikon has some degree of weather protection. That Canon does not.
As does the Pentax K10D.... plus the in camera SR/IS... not per lens (buy the system over and over) $$$ extra Canon and Nikon require.... let alone with ANY lens (even antique manuals) ever made for them.
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I do not have any Canon DSLR and since I decided on a different system I will say that it all depends on what you want out of it.

I have seen good work done by both Canon and Nikon. Lenses are the investment not the body.

I have the NikonD200 and really don't need to say how good it is since it has been said enough times by other users.

I started with Pentax and found its small buffer and frames/sec rate to be less than what I want out of a DSLR for sports shooting. It does everything else very well and when it comes to RAW shooting it really doesn't matter what camera brand you buy. There are those who will say they can tell differences between the makes of cameras from the finished product and I say they are the same ones that can tell you the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

Since you are new I recommend you try to handle each camera and see how it feels. Also, turn the knobs, press the buttons and spin the dials. See if you can actually figure anything out before you read a manual.

See how easy it is to get to changing iso, file choice/size, white balance and so on.

Everyone is correct in their recommendation about what is a good system. It fits for them and what they want and like about a camera. You should too before you buy.
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